Thursday, February 21, 2013

Excel in Your IELTS and Perfect Your Reading Test

ielts davaoWhether it is for academic or plain recreation, reading is one of the hobbies that people are fond of doing. Reading is one of the hobbies that someone does not have to spend so much money on. Unlike any other hobbies where you need to buy some equipment, you only need a book, magazine or even a newspaper to read. Moreover, with the existing technology nowadays, you can download almost anything in the web and sometimes it is even for free. In an English certification test, particularly the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System, one’s reading skill will surely be put to test.

In IELTS centers like IELTS Davao, Cebu and Manila, there are a lot of things that trainers will impart to help build skills needed in the reading section. Known to be the trickiest part in the IELTS, it is beneficial for a candidate to know different strategies to be able to answer the questions in the reading part well. For starters, the candidate should know the two most important skills in reading – scanning and skimming. These two are very important for the reading passages in the reading section are very lengthy and at the same time complicated.

The skill of scanning is very useful. Keep in mind that the time you have for the reading section is very limited; therefore, you need to read and answer the questions in a limited time. What you need to do in scanning is to check the questions and take note key words that are essential. Scan through the reading and once you find the word, it is already a clue that the answer is in that sentence or within the paragraph. Do not stress yourself in reading the whole passage for it consumes a lot of your time and you end up cramming in answering. The deal here is you need to directly find clues in your reading article. In skimming, you need to read the passage without taking importance with the minor details of the passage. What you need to do is understand the main idea of the passage. From this, you will already have an idea of what the questions will be. Through skimming, you will save a lot of time and will be able to answer the questions with ease.

In IELTS Davao and other centers, a candidate for the IELTS test will be given a lot of reading passages as exercise materials. Learn the skills of scanning and reading and you will surely get a good score in the reading test.


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