Monday, June 24, 2013

IELTS Graphs: Useful Vocabulary to Improve Your IELTS Writing Score

The following are some useful words that will surely help you when it comes to the writing section of the IELTS (graphs). These are words that express movement. 

Rose (to) --- a rise
increased to --- an increase
went up to --- growth
climbed --- to an upward
boomed --- trend
                   a boom (a dramatic rise)

fell (to) --- a decrease
declined (to) --- a decline
decreased (to) --- a fall
dipped (to) --- a drop
dropped (to) --- a slump (a dramatic
went down (to) --- a reduction
reduced (to)

levelled out (at) --- a levelling out
did not change --- no change
remained stable (at) --- no change
remained steady (at) --- no change
stayed (at) --- no change
stayed constant (at) --- no change
maintained the same level --- no change

fluctuated (around) --- a fluctuation
peaked (at) --- reached a peak (of)
stood at (use this phrase to focus on a particular point, before we mention the movement).
For example: In the first year, unemployment stood at...


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