Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Best IELTS Apps for iPhone and iPad - IELTS Review and Training

The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination is by far the most taken, popular and recognized English proficiency examination in the world. Different individuals are preparing for this test – working professionals and students – by enrolling in IELTS review classes. In the Philippines, there are different IELTS review centers like this one that offer services and training for IELTS examinees. In addition, if you are someone reviewing for the IELTS and who is constantly on the go, the best thing for you to do is download IELTS apps for your iPhone and iPad. There are some apps (free and purchased) that are available for candidates who are eager to review for the IELTS even outside the review center.

You can also refer to this page to view general IELTS exam tips for free.

IELTS Skills - Macmillan Education

Each four language skill in the IELTS has its own separate app, but in one useful app. This app provides practice examinations that will hone the skills of candidates. The advantage of this app is that each skill - reading, listening, speaking, and writing - are thoroughly explained and is provided with interactive tests. Candidates are given the chance to answer full length questions just like in the real IELTS examination.


You can download the app here.

IELTS Preparation by XuVi

For vocabulary practice, this app is what you need. It has a wide collection of vocabulary words of over 4000 words from sources like books, papers, and journals. The good thing about this app is that words are defined clearly and very easily for candidates to understand them in a snap. Moreover, it has reading practices that will expose the candidate for common vocabulary words used in the reading section.

You can download the app here.

IELTS Flashcard by XuVi

Difficulty remembering vocabulary? Then flashcards on IELTS vocabulary is the best for you. With more than 5000 vocabulary words in its database, candidates are sure to be familiar with different words from different fields of knowledge with this app. Additionally, candidates can also choose the difficulty of the words that they can practice.

You can download the app here.

Grammar Express: Parts of Speech Lite by Eknath Kadam

With the different parts of speech explained, candidates will not have any troubles with their IELTS writing. Grammar rules are described and provided with examples. Moreover, quizzes are provided at the end of every discussion to gauge the learning of the candidates. The app has a mock test mode wherein users are given questions from the different parts of speech, progress meter to measure how far the user is in terms of his or her progress with the app, and detailed score summary to present the correct and wrong items in a test the user has taken.

You can download the app here.

101 Tips for IELTS Speaking HD by EEKAPP International Limited

Candidates need not worry with the speaking section of the IELTS. With this carefully designed app by an international IELTS coach and examiner, candidates learn effective practical tips for the IELTS speaking. This includes the manner on fluency, vocabulary, pronunciation and the overall preparation for the exam.

You can download the app here.

These applications on your iPhone and iPad are so handy and convenient that you can read them while on the bus, on a coffee break or even when you are shopping for groceries. Review anytime, anywhere with these IELTS applications available in iOS.