Monday, September 23, 2013

How Can I Improve My Score in the IELTS Writing Section

The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is an English proficiency test that gauges an individual’s competency in the English language through its four different components – speaking, listening, reading and writing. In different countries like Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, and some parts in Northern America., the IELTS has become one of their requirements to non-native English speakers who wish to work, study, or live in their countries.

Among the four components of the IELTS examination, candidates find the Writing Section a little difficult – most especially examinees who have taken the Academic module. Examinees are to choose whether to take the Academic or the General Training for the IELTS depending on the purpose of the candidate.

Now, more and more candidates are asking how they can possibly improve their writing abilities for them to achieve their target scores. Here’s what candidates can do to develop and improve their writing scores.

1.    Understand what the tasks ask you to do.

Since it is a writing task, some candidates tend to overlook some details in the instructions that are needed to be included in the essay. More often, candidates just write the general question asked rather going into details that are part of the question. Identify and include these and your score will surely hit high.

2.    Check the number of words you have.

If you are asked to write about 250 words, then write an essay with 250 words. Do not write less than the number of words required because there will be deductions on your score. Like what is said, follow instructions carefully.

3.    Make an outline.

Your time is limited but the best thing to have an organized and effective essay is coming up with a good outline. Once you have outlined what you are going to write, it is much easier to include details needed for the essay. Additionally, the thought of the essay will not be redundant and smooth flow of the essay is assured.

4.    Be conscious with the time.

Budget your time wisely so that you can come up with a good essay. Use your time wisely by allotting some minutes for outline making and the writing proper. Most importantly, give some time to revise your work. Check for grammar errors and for ideas you may want to include or omit in your response.

The best thing to be improve your score in writing is to have someone check it and give you suggestions and comments on the essay. Trained professionals in IELTS review centres are the best people to do this on your essay. Practice more on the IELTS with the IELTS instruction from the best IELTS review centres.


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