Monday, October 14, 2013

Best Pointers to Remember Before Taking the IELTS

The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination has long been running to be the in demand English competency examination needed by companies and institutions by companies and institutions abroad. The need for the IELTS certification is apparent as more and more students and working professionals are applying for the examination and taking review courses for the IELTS examination. Indeed, it is best for any candidate for IELTS to prepare before the real IELTS examination.

Here are some things one should remember in preparation for the taking the IELTS examination.

Before the examination day:

• Comply with the requirements you need in applying for a slot in the IELTS examination. Go online and check the dates that are still available.

• Always remember to know whether you need to take the Academic or the General Training module of the examination. To be sure, check on the company or the academic institution you are applying for. Remember that you need to be sure on the required score that you need to get for the examination.

• Take review classes a couple of months before the scheduled exam. There are a lot of IELTS review centers available in the country today, so candidates are presented with a lot of choices. In addition, taking review classes can help the individual be more familiar with the exam as mock tests are given in the duration of the program.

• Study at home by reading other materials like practice tests online and even books and newspapers that will help you expand your vocabulary needed for the examination.

• Take a lot of rest the night before the exam day. Do not review. Take advantage of this time to let your mind and body to get the rest and rejuvenation it needs.

On the test day:

• Arrive in the test center a couple of hours before the examination. Check your email regarding the location of the test center. You could visit the test center to be familiar with the place.

• Bring your ID (the one you used upon registration) and pencils. Your ID will be verified once you arrive and the pencils will be used during the examination. 
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• Eat before going to the examination. An empty stomach will be a trouble to your concentration during the examination.

• Use the toilet before the test starts.

• Wear something comfortable on the test day. It is advisable to bring a jacket or coats for some test centers have really cold temperature inside the testing rooms.

The IELTS examination is easier once you have prepared everything that you need. IELTS review centers coaches and staff will give you the advice that you need to do before and on the day of the examination.


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