Friday, October 11, 2013

Common Mistakes in IELTS Listening Exam

Though a lot of people consider the listening part of the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination easy, there are still a number of test takers who commit a lot of mistakes in responding to the tasks. There are some factors why some candidates, particularly Filipinos, fail to get a satisfactory score in the IELTS examination. This is the very reason why a lot of Filipinos choose to find a review center where they can find resources and training that will guide them and develop necessary skills for the listening examination.

The listening section of the IELTS is the same for both Academic and the General Training examination. It is divided into four different sections with ten questions in each. The candidate is given about forty minutes to answer and transfer these answers on the answer sheet. Question types used in the listening section are multiple choice, short answers, sentence completion, matching, chart completion and even some classification questions.

The best thing to get a good score in the IELTS listening section is to avoid some common mistakes. Here are some common mistakes candidates commit in the listening section.

• Misspelled words cannot be given any considerations or simply wrong spelling wrong. For example, when asked to fill in a chart, if you write “cat” instead of the correct answer “cats”, your answer will still be wrong. Hence, you have to listen carefully on the audio recording. Remember that the audio is only played once so taking down notes is very important and necessary.

• There are times that when we are not sure of our answer, we leave the question behind. Though you are not sure with your answer, still write it down. Who knows your guess could be the right answer? Meaning to say, take the risk in writing what you have heard than leave the blank.

• Sometimes, candidates immediately write an answer that they have heard immediately on blanks. However, sometimes in the listening, the speaker corrects a detail that has been said; hence, candidates should listen carefully first before writing down any answers.

• If you are asked to write no more than three words, then write within the limit. Failure to comply with the instruction results to a reduction to the score. The problem is most candidates just fail to read the instruction carefully and just write answers without even understanding the task. This should be avoided and corrected.

To be more familiar on the correct strategies in answering the listening section and avoiding the common mistakes, you can practice online or you can find assistance from training centers for the IELTS. Here, start your IELTS listening practice at this post


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