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IELTS Grammar: Prepositions "to, of, for"

IELTS Grammar: Prepositions "to, of, for"

Grammar is one subject most people do not like studying. It is really complicated and with all the rules it has, being confused is very normal. However, in the IELTS examination or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam, the usage of grammar in speaking and writing are very important. Hence, it is really vital for any candidates to know the basics in grammar most especially with the prepositions.

Prepositions are words that link words and phrases to other parts of the sentence. There are quite a number of prepositions with very different rules on when to use them. At this point, let us have a deeper understanding of the prepositions To, Of, and For.

•    to indicate the direction to where something or someone is heading


My sister is heading to the office this early morning.
The books were sent to Mr. Loh in Singapore.
All of us went to the amusement park yesterday.
Please give it back to me.
•    to show a limit or ending point


The snow was piled up to the roof.
The prices rose up to 10 percent compared last year.

•    to indicate time or period

In my work before, I used to work from eight in the morning to ten in the evening.
What time is it? Ten to five.


•    to show how to use something


This place is for showcases and that is for the parking.
They baked some cookies for your anniversary.
This knife is for cutting bread.

•    to mean “because of”


I am so happy for you. Good job!
We feel sorry for the loss.
For this reason, I think students have to make use of modern instructional materials.

•    to indicate time or duration


He has been a very famous actor for ten years.
I have attended the seminar for three days.
I can talk to you for a few minutes.


•    to show belonging, or relating, or connected with


The highlight of the show is at the end.
Don’t use that. That is the chair of my sister.
I always dreamt of being rich and famous.
The first page of the portfolio is an acknowledgement.

•    to indicate reference

I got married in the summer of 2012.
This is a picture of my boyfriend.

•    to indicate an amount or number


I have drunk three cups of coffee this morning.
I had only four hours of sleep because of my report.
A large number of students gathered for the protest.

There are a lot of practice tests online where you can test you skills on prepositions. Be familiar and use it appropriately in your sentences.

You can also visit  to know more about the prepositions “on, in, at” when indicating time and place.

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