Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Useful Conjunctive Adverbs to Enhance Your Performance in the IELTS Writing and Speaking Tests

Grammar is a very important aspect one should manage to handle well in speaking and writing. This is the very reason why some companies and agencies require their applicants – professionals or students – to have a high band score in the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination especially in the speaking and writing sections. Both sections challenge the candidate’s knowledge and expertise in using the English language with a particular focus on the usage of grammar.

Whether speaking or writing, it is very best for the candidate to be organized in his speaking response and essays for the writing part. Once thing emphasized in this aspect is the use of conjunctive adverbs in the speaking responses and essays for the writing.

What are these conjunctive adverbs?

Conjunctive adverbs are words that use to indicate a connection between two independent clauses into a single sentence. Conjunctive adverbs are adverbs that function as conjunctions in the sentence as they link ideas in two or more sentences that show relationship and ideas among these sentences.  These relationships can show comparison, contrast, sequence, cause-effect or other relationship between ideas.
Here are some conjunctive adverbs that you can use:

To show addition:    also, besides, furthermore, in addition, likewise, moreover, similarly
To show contrast:    however, instead, rather, still, yet
To show emphasis:    certainly, indeed, surely, truly
To show result:        accordingly, consequently, otherwise, therefore
To show sequence:    first, second, third, afterward, finally, lastly, later, next, then

Here are sample sentences where conjunctive adverbs are used:

The movie got good reviews; however, I was not really impressed with it.

The demand for caregivers abroad has increased; hence, more and more people have started preparing their requirements to apply for the said vacancy.

You’d better fill up the tank; otherwise, we will surely run out of gas going to California.

With the used of conjunctive adverbs in your IELTS speaking response, it guides the examiner within your answers. It makes your response have a smooth flow making the examiner not confused with the flow of your ideas. In the writing section, the use of conjunctive adverbs is essential in exhibiting the relationship of one sentence to another. It is an effective way of providing coherence and fluency in the essay. 

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