Thursday, November 7, 2013

Common Mistakes in IELTS Reading

Many candidates who have already taken the International English Language Testing System examination or the IELTS exam regard the reading section of the IELTS as one of the hardest sections of the examination. This could be the usual reaction of candidates as the reading section of the IELTS can be pretty tricky and tedious with passages that cover any kinds of topics. Hence, it is best to know skills and strategies for the reading section. What is more helpful is to know the common mistakes in the IELTS reading? To know this means that the candidate will know what to avoid when taking the reading examination.

1. Spending too much time on a question.
The time allotted on the reading section is limited. Thus, candidates do not have the luxury in spending too much time analyzing on one question. If you are confronted with a difficult question, mark on this number and move on to the next question. It is important to bear in mind that it is better to answer a lot of questions than staying in a question for a long time.

2. Learn the test types.

Most candidates commit mistakes because of the lack of information on the test types used in the IELTS examination. It is best for candidates to be familiar with how these test types are answered. Each test type has a special skill on how to answer successfully. They are quite different. If the candidate knows the specific task of a test type, then mistakes will be avoided resulting to a better score.You can find out more information about the IELTS test types here.

3. Instructions are overlooked.
Sometimes, due to the limited time, candidates fail to read instructions carefully. The instructions are there for a purpose – to guide the candidate on what task or what to do with the reading passage. Candidates should know what is being asked to correctly answer or respond to the given task.

These three may seem quite easy to avoid; however, a lot of candidates are repeatedly making the same mistake during the test. Candidates have to remember that committing these mistakes affect the score of their reading examination. Most candidates have a target score for the reading examination, so being extra careful in responding to the tasks in the reading is important. For candidates to know more techniques in answering, they could always seek help from IELTS review centers where candidates are trained and honed to have the best skills needed to successfully attain their target scores in the IELTS test.


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