Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to Check the IELTS Candidate Number

It has always been said that the amount of preparation an individual has spent in reviewing for an exam matters a lot and greatly affects the results. The knowledge gained from the sleepless nights of studying will be put to test on the day of the examination. This perception is also true on individuals taking an English proficiency assessment. 

The review has ended and you are all geared up to take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. You have already registered on the exam and all set to put what you have learned in the IELTS training to the real arena. There are a number of things the candidate has to remember before the exam day and one of these is the IELTS Candidate Number. How can one get an IELTS candidate number?

On the registration, a unique number generated by Cambridge ESOL will be sent to the candidate after receiving the candidate's application date. This will be used as a reference number when the candidate needs to request IELTS related services like an extra Test Report Form in the Exams Unit of the British Council. This number will be posted on the NEEA IELTS web site on the MY STATUS PAGE.  Hence, candidates should constantly check on this and as much as possible remember or even print a copy of this IELTS candidate number. 

Like what is mentioned earlier, the IELTS candidate number is needed once request for an extra Test Report Form is needed. Inside this Test Repost Form, the candidate will find the test module the candidate has taken, the centre number, the test date and the IELTS candidate number. The candidate's name, photo, gender, ID number, and date of birth, first language, band of scores for the four sections – reading, listening, speaking, and writing, the OBS or overall band score, writing and speaking examiners' numbers, administrator's signature, date printed, and the rationale of the bands are all indicated. 

Now, what if you lost your IELTS candidate number? Do not panic. Search the email sent by the British Council, the IELTS candidate number is there. You should also check with the test center of your choice, they should help you with it.

As one of the candidates for the IELTS, be sure to list the important details for the exam. Double check on the identification needed for your verification. Moreover, have all this requirements placed in an envelope so once it is asked, you can just easily locate them – no hassle at all. For more information on this matter, check at

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