Thursday, November 14, 2013

IELTS For Candidates with Special Needs

Can anybody take the IELTS?

Of course! Anybody can take the International English Language Testing System exam. It is not only for working professionals or students wishing to work and study abroad. The IELTS can be taken by any individual who would just like to know their level in using the English language. Moreover, some might be asking whether those people who have special needs are also catered in the IELTS. Well, they are qualified to take the IELTS and are given special treatment for the examination.

Test centers for the IELTS make sure that applicants will special needs are catered for the examination. Candidates who need a modified version of the test have to give notice to that test center at least three months before the examination. This time will be used to modify the test depending on the need of the candidate.

What kind of help can test centers offer for candidates with special needs?

For applicants who are visually impaired, the examination can be:
  • Printed in enlarge print and in Braille
  • An amanuensis to write answers
  • A Braille word-processor

For those who have hearing difficulties, the test center can arrange:
  • A special amplification equipment
  • A lip-reading version of the listening module

For those who have learning difficulties, like dyslexia, the test center can arrange:

  • A word processor
  • Voice-activated software
  • Extra time for reading and writing tests

With these conveniences offered by the test center, candidates with special needs can sit comfortably and take the IELTS examination. All the candidates need to do is to send a notice to either the British Council or the IDP (to where they registered for the examination) regarding the modifications or the needs they require to be able to take the test.

Can these people with special needs undergo training under IELTS review centers?

Well, though it seems a little difficult but IELTS review centers can provide materials that can help these people with special needs. They can be given materials where they can practice and be given focus in class. All these candidates have to do is to inform the test center of the specific needs they require.

The IELTS test accommodates any individual who want to take the exam. There are no biases in the examination as it aims to provide quality service and accurate evaluation of one’s expertise in using the English language.

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