Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rechecking of IELTS Test Results - Is It Possible?

Are you unsatisfied with your IELTS examination?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS exam) is a requirement that has been used by different agencies worldwide. The IELTS test is designed to gauge the individual’s expertise in using the English language. The English language has become the most spoken second language in the world right now. With this fact, providing certification for non-native English speakers on their fluency using the language in speaking, listening, reading and writing has become one of the objectives of the IELTS examination. A lot has challenged the test; however, not all have been successful in gaining their target scores.

Each company, academic institution, or even country has their own standard scores. These scores are needed continue a candidate’s application for the said examination. The score varies depending on the type of module you are taking (Academic and General Training) and the purpose of your exam – employment or education. Hence, there is no pass or failing score in the IELTS. However, some candidates fail to get the required score. In this case, candidates are asking if it is possible to have the IELTS exam rechecked.

The IELTS Exam can be rechecked upon the candidate’s request. Having a recheck of the IELTS exam is usually done when the candidate feels that his or her exam might have wrongly assessed. For starters, candidates need to complete the Enquiry or Results Form. Refer to your test center for the forms may vary slightly depending on which country the candidate is from. Candidate need to check that this must be received by the center within six weeks from the test date and a fee is paid too.

Though the exam can be rechecked, candidates are advised not to recheck the reading and listening parts of the exam. This section of the IELTS can just be right or wrong so there is a slight possibility of getting a better score.

Most candidates have their speaking and writing exams rechecked. These exams are scored subjectively so there is a possibility that the one rechecking it may give the response a better score. However, prior to having rechecked, be sure that you are confident that you did well on those sections.

Having the exam rechecked may take about six to eight weeks. Candidates also need to know that rechecking the examination can either increase the score or decrease by a few points. If you badly need a better score for the IELTS, you can take the exam again rather than waiting for almost a couple of months for the result.


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