Friday, January 10, 2014

How to Avoid Mental Block in the IELTS Exam

Have you ever experienced being left speechless while in an interview? Or you are staring blankly on your test paper not knowing what the correct answers are? 

If you do, then you might have experienced Mental Block.

According to Wikipedia, Mental Block is the inability to continue a train of thought just like writer’s block. This experience of mental block can either be physical disabilities or most of the time, simply lack of focus. Everybody experiences mental block. It can be an ordinary occurrence; however, it could be something serious if it happens more than usual.

If you are someone who is going to take the IELTS exam or the International English Language Testing System examination, having mental block can greatly affect your scores. The IELTS examination has been one of the most important certification requirements for companies and schools abroad. This certification provides proof that its bearer is good at using the English language. Hence, the weight of getting the target score provided by the companies and academic institutions is heavy putting pressure on the candidate.

To be able to do well on the IELTS exam, candidates are encouraged to take review classes in IELTS review centers. IELTS review centers are known to provide quality training to its candidates to have their English skills built, developed and improved with their specially designed course programs. Moreover, the best thing IELTS review centers have is they give mock tests as part of their program which is known to eliminate the problem of mental block.

How can these mock tests help candidates?

Mock tests are very essential as it lets the candidate have the feel of what the real test is like. They are given practices on how to make responses on the tasks given to them – most especially on the speaking section. The speaking section is done in front of a native English speaker. As training to the candidate, they will be given mock interviews with their coaches. The coaches will then provide comments that will help strengthen and improve the responses. This will also boost the confidence of the candidates in using the English language in front of an interviewer.

IELTS review centers always give their best in providing services for their candidates. They offer course programs and training to help boost confidence among the candidates – reducing the risk of having mental block. Mental block can be eliminated through constant familiarity of the test type and practice with coaches.


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