Monday, January 6, 2014

How to Register for the IELTS Test in the Philippines

Working professionals and students commonly take the International English Language Testing System examination or the IELTS for different purposes. For working professionals, having an IELTS certification is a step closer to getting better job opportunities and salary overseas. Students, on the other hand, need an IELTS certification to study in prestigious universities abroad. Their main purpose is to experience world-class education and earn a degree in these universities. For these reasons, taking the IELTS is important and must be taken seriously.

IELTS review classes have been a part of every candidate’s preparation for the IELTS examination. The classes mentioned offer training and education that will guide the candidate through the different sections of the IELTS. Moreover, candidates will be taught on the right skills that they will need to attain good scores for the IELTS. Standard scores have been set by companies and academic institutions as a required score to their applicants. Hence, working hard to review on the exam is a pressure candidates have to go through.

Before taking the examination, one must register for the IELTS. Remember that there are two agencies delivering the IELTS exam – IDP and the British Council. Registration for the IELTS exam in these agencies has a difference. Here are the steps on how to register for the IELTS via the IDP and British Council.

For the IDP:

1. Download the application and fill it out. After completing the application form, send it or take it to the center.

2. Once you send the application, bring a valid National ID. Any of these can be presented: a passport that should still be valid for six months before the test date, PRC professional ID, SSS ID, GSIS ID, or a Multipurpose unified national ID.

3. Have these IDs photocopied.

4. Bring at least two pieces of passport-sized photographs. It is suggested that candidates not wear any form of glasses in the photograph they are submitting. They must not show their teeth in the photos too.

5. A test fee of PhP 8900 must be paid upon registration.

For British Council

1. Visit

2. You will be asked whether you need to take the Academic or the General Training module.

3. Choose the test center and the test date of your preference.

4. Click "New Registration." A user account will be given to login to the online system. Enter all information needed including your photo, valid IDs (the same with IDP’s).

5. Enter credit card details to pay the fee of PhP 8986.

6. Acknowledgement receipt and Confirmation Letter will be sent to the candidate’s email.


If you are a candidate with special needs, you have to inform the test center beforehand to have the necessary adjustments done. If you wish to cancel or change the test date, you have to do this five weeks before the examination and complete the form. If the request has been filed in less than five weeks, the request might be granted provided you show evidence for this cancellation.

For more information, visit IELTS REVIEW Exam Philippines FAQs | IELTS TRAINING | IELTS COURSE


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