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Friday, February 28, 2014

How Women Should Dress Up for the IELTS Test? (IELTS Dress Code)

Dressing up for an interview is very appropriate in coming to interviews. When you dress appropriately, you get a good impression from the interviewer. You will be seen as someone who is a professional and a confident person who could carry himself or herself very well, thus we say dress to impress. Individuals should do the same thing when taking the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. There are no strict rules implemented on the dress code; however, it is better to look at your best when coming to the interview. 

For women, wearing the right clothes for the exam is a must. You do not want your interviewer or your proctor be distracted from what you are wearing. Here are some suggestions on what you could wear on the examination day. 

Women will always look good in a formal or semi formal look. Some may find this style a little uncomfortable but dressing up for a few hours is all worth it. Women can wear a long-sleeved shirt for their top. This look can be classier when a nice coat is put on. Classic colours like black, gray or white are perfect. Pastel color looks nice too. Just be sure that you are not wearing very bright colored shirts for the interview. 

Pair up the top with some slacks and trousers or skirt. As much as possible, do not wear rugged jeans. It is so casual and makes you look less professional. If you are planning to wear a skirt, remember that it should not be skimpy and very tight. Make sure you are comfortable with your pants or skirt while you are sitting down for the exam. 

Complete your look with very comfortable shoes. Flat shoes or heeled shoes are good for the look. Do not wear sneakers or running shoes in the examination. Finish your look with some nice accessories. A pair of earrings or a nice necklace to compliment with your look is perfect. Moreover, if you are planning to wear some makeup, do it lightly. IELTS examinations are usually done in the morning so you do not have to wear a heavy one. Brush your hair nicely or tie it up neatly. You can also check this page for some dress up ideas.

Women should be reminded that dressing appropriately for the IELTS test is important. It reflects how professional you are in your field. Make a good impression on the examinee. Of course, your good looks have to go with good responses for the IELTS examination.