Thursday, February 13, 2014

IELTS Essay Writing Format Plus Tips to Improve Your Score

Essay writing is effective once you know how to arrange the ideas that you are going to present. Moreover, it needs other skills to better develop the points in the paragraph. In the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination, writing tasks are different in both Academic module and the General Training module. Though the writing tasks are different, the same writing format can be applied in order to deliver an organized essay.

In the IELTS writing, a structured essay should be practiced. An effective essay format should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Since the time in writing an essay is limited, candidates have to make sure the introduction is short yet directed to the task given. In the introduction, the raters are expecting to read the thesis statement of the essay. Further, it should be indicated in the introduction the tasks to be included mentioned in the question. The introduction serves as an opening and should be able to catch the rater’s attention.


In the IELTS writing, separate the points that you are going to discuss in different paragraphs. A two to three body paragraphs are ideal for an essay. The first sentence in your body should contain the topic sentence. The topic sentence should not be too broad or too specific. It has to be supported with details. Expand your ideas by developing your ideas through examples. Additionally, candidates have to use transitional words to smoothly guide the raters through the paragraph.

The Conclusion

The final part of a good essay is the conclusion. In the conclusion, it is expected that the candidate write a paraphrase of the introduction. Paraphrasing means restating the idea of your introduction using different vocabulary and sentence structure. The candidate can also leave a question or a suggestion in his or her conclusion.

The essay format is a good way to organize your essay. However, it is not enough for the essay to be strong and effective. Here are some tips on how to improve your score for the IELTS writing:

· Be sure not to have any grammatical errors. Use punctuations appropriately.

· Practice writing journals. Start with a day activity until you write longer essays using simple topics like health and holidays.

· Use good vocabulary. Refrain from repeating the same word in one sentence. Play with words by using synonyms and expressions.

· Have someone check your essays. People who can do this are coaches from IELTS review center. Getting feedback on how you can improve your writing from IELTS experts is a huge advantage.

To improve IELTS writing score, follow a good essay format and use the English grammar well.


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