Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How Can I Take IELTS in Baguio

“Hi, my name is Allen. I am a nurse and applied for work in Australia. I have all my requirements with me, but I am quite confused with this English test called the IELTS. I am from Baguio City and I am not sure if my city caters this examination. What can I do?”

Do you need to take the International English Language Testing System? Are you in city far from Manila like Baguio?

People living in Baguio do not need to worry regarding taking the IELTS test. Unlike before, resident of Baguio City can take the exam with ease and comfort right in the city. There is no need to go to Manila for the exam. IELTS Baguio has got it covered. Registering for the exam is a piece of cake as well.

Candidates have to determine whether they need the Academic and the General Training module exams. These two are different in their reading and writing but the same with listening and writing. Most of the time, individuals taking a course program overseas take the Academic while the General Training is commonly taken by those aiming for some work and immigration.

IELTS has IDP and British Council – two authorities that host the IELTS examination. No need to worry on which agency to register – both uses the same content but they differ with their registration fees though. The IDP charges PHP 8900 while the British Council costs about PHP8986.

There is no hassle in registering as it can be done right at home using the web. Log on to British Council at and in IDP at For first time takers, create a new account for your registration. Be sure to fill in the fields with your information which is correct and truthful. Upon making your account, you are now ready.

Prepare all necessary documents like scanned copy of your identification. Make sure the identification you are using to register is the same with the one you are presenting on the exam day. Choose the date available for Baguio City. Here is the schedule for this year:

Once you are done registering, an email will be sent indicating your test schedule. It will be best for candidates to visit the test center before the examination day.

Candidates need to register early as slots get easily booked. Baguio residents can now take the IELTS without any hassle with the schedules and test centers right in the city.


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