Friday, March 7, 2014

How Men Should Dress Up for the IELTS Test?

Looking good in an interview creates a good impression on the interview. Just like in the book The Little Prince, adults take you seriously when you are dressed properly. In addition, some interviewers may have some prejudices and it can affect the result of the interview. Hence, it is best to look at your best for an interview. In the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination, people put effort on the way they dress for the examination. Though there are no rules on what to wear, individuals aim to impress their interviewers not only with their answers but also with their looks.

Men do not have a big problem in finding what to wear on the IELTS examination day. Dressing up for the IELTS exam gives your interviewer a good impression on you. Here are some things men have to take note of in choosing what to wear for the IELTS examination.

Men find it easier to find nice attire for their interview. First, for their top, a long sleeved shirt is always a good choice. Men can have it folded or just have it the normal way. This long-sleeved short can be paired with a coat or jacket. Choose colors that best complement each other. If you are planning to wear a short-sleeved shirt, best choose those that have plain colors. Avoid the bright ones. Moreover, choose those who have less loud designs – stripes or plain ones are very safe to wear.

Partner these tops with slacks or khakis. Black, grey and navy blue are perfect and can be paired with any color. In addition, have your shirts tucked. This will make your look classy and very handsome. A nice pair of leather shoes or loafers is nice for this look. Do not wear running shoes or sneakers.

Fix your hair by applying some hairstyling gel. The point here is that your hair is not messy and will not give an impression that you just woke up and in a hurry to come to your interview. For those men who have a beard and a moustache, better have it shaved for the interview. A nice and smooth face will bring out your best looks for the examination.

Men have a natural rugged look, but men have to look professional for the examination. There are no additional points in looking good for the interview; however, looking at your best to get a good impression is a good advantage for you.


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