Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to Become Familiar with Australian Accents

Filipinos are accustomed to hearing and even using the American English language. What do you think will happen if Filipinos are to be exposed in Australian English?

Australian English is one of the many accents used in the English language. It is commonly used in the IELTS exam or the International English Language Testing System exam – an English proficiency test. Filipinos who are taking the IELTS examination are different individuals gaining a certification of their English fluency as a proof of their fluency in the English language. Since the exam uses Australian accents, it is advised that Filipinos undergo training on Australian accent.

To become familiar with the accent, here are some simple, yet helpful tips.

1. Watch Australian Films
Babe, Moulin Rouge, and Happy Feet - what do these films have in common? That’s right! These movies use Australian English. Learning the accent does not have to be always serious. Watching such films not only does entertain you but also expose you to understanding the accents. Hear how words are pronounced and take note of some vocabulary that seem unfamiliar to you.

2. Learn how words are stressed

It has been observes that the vowels are usually emphasized in the Australian English accent.

Take note of the following vowels:

  • A – sounds like “or” or “aye”. For
  • E – sounds like “er-ee” except for the “r” sound.
  • I – sounds like “ear” or “eye”
  • O – sounds like “ew” or “aw”
  • U – sounds like “uh”

Weird as it seems but learning how these vowels are pronounced helps a lot in getting familiar with the accent.

3. Youtube it!

There are quite a number of video tutorials on Youtube focusing on training with the Australian accent. In addition, these Youtube videos are recorded by an Australian so individuals are assured that they are getting authentic Australian accent training.

4. Familiarity on the differences on vocabulary

Have you been to my flat? Naturally, some would take time to think on what the word “flat” means. American English defines flat as a surface without a slope. However, in the Australian English, flat means an apartment. If you are someone not familiar with the differences with American and Australian English, better start reading and developing your vocabulary.

5. Work with an accent tutor

IELTS review centers have a special program teaching candidates for the IELTS Australian pronunciation. This is done through listening exercises and speaking exercises in classroom lectures. With the help of these tutors, learning Australian accent will be much better.

Learning the accent should be done in an entertaining and fun way. In this way, learning is much easier and more efficient.


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