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IELTS Vocabulary for Writing and Speaking Test - Useful Keywords to Remember

Writing and Speaking – these are two English skills that are common and are commonly used in our day-to-day living. In the Philippines, using the English language has already become a part of their daily activities. As Filipinos are exposed to the language starting from a very young age, it is not surprising why most Filipinos do not have a hard time in using the language. At work or in school, you can hear almost everybody incorporate English in their conversations. Say for example, when we meet someone, we normally use “Good Morning!” or depending on what time of the day. It is seldom for us to hear people greeting each other in our native language in conversations. The frequent usage of English has made Filipinos one of the nationalities who can speak English very well. With this, most companies and schools in other English-speaking countries believe that Filipinos are best to be part of their institution not only because of their skills but also their expertise in the English language.

However, Filipinos have to take an English proficiency examination to prove that they can be productive with their English skills. Filipinos are to take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. The IELTS is a paper-based test that evaluated an individual’s proficiency on English four core skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. Amongst these four skills, two skills seem to worry Filipino test takers: the speaking and writing assessments. 
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There are two kinds of IELTS writing: the Academic and the General Training. The first tasks of both are different. The Academic deals on a task that will have the candidate interpret data, graph or diagrams, and the General Training asks the candidate to compose an essay based on a given situation. The second task is an independent question which the candidate has to express his or her viewpoints. To get a good mark on the writing test, candidates should showcase their knowledge on vocabulary and grammar. Here are some useful keywords to make your essay writing better.

1. Nowadays/These days/At the present time/Currently

These words are best to describe a present situation that you would like to refer on your essay.


  • Nowadays, many students prefer living in their own apartments than staying in university dormitories.
  • These days, the school administration has implemented a new rule allowing students to use the school library on weekends.

2. In my own experience

Writing gets stronger points if you include your personal experience using this expression.


  • In my own experience, living alone has both its advantages and disadvantages.
  • I would rather be making decisions alone in my own experience.

3. To sum up
Writing a conclusion is necessary. Sum things up with this expression.


  • To sum up, working alone is much better than working with others.
  • To sum up, it is difficult to learn a new language.


Everyone taking the IELTS speaking exam gets nervous as they are to speak in front of a native English speaker. Since most people get stressed talking to people in English, having a practice partner can be very helpful in eliminating the tension and also in building the confidence in using the English language. To make your responses better, here are some important keywords for your responses. 
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1. One example of what I am talking about is…/ For example,...

A very good way to start detailing your responses is giving examples through this expression.


  • For example, when I was younger, I used to love hiking in the mountains.
  • One example of what I am talking about is the greenhouse effect.

2. Additionally/Furthermore/Also

These are words useful in adding more details to your point.


  • Additionally, the data indicates a rise in sales in the next month.
  • Furthermore, it is observed that the figures dropped at the end of October.

3. Finally/Lastly/In the end

To show a final point


  • Finally, I believe that it is much better to study with teachers.
  • In the end, the government gave what the people were asking for.

Writing and speaking are evaluations that should not make candidates nervous. There are a lot of things that they can do to make studying for these easier and more productive. Practice on more vocabulary and improve grammar skills are the secrets to a successful IELTS writing and speaking tests.


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