Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Differences Between the IELTS Writing Test in Academic and General Training

Writing essays is an ability that needs honing and perfection. Generally, it is difficult to write essays even diaries. The problem starts when you are asked to write on something and you do not have a single idea how to start the essay. This is the exact reason why people taking an English proficiency examination like the IELTS are asked to undergo training in IELTS review centers.

The Writing task of the IELTS is different in both Academic and the General Training Modules. In the first task of the Academic Module, the candidate is required to describe the information presented in graphs or diagrams. The graphs can be a bar graph, pie graph, line graph or simply a table. The challenge with this task is for the candidate to put emphasis on the highlights of the chart or diagram given. It can be pretty difficult to interpret something based only on graphs; hence, training is needed. Here is a sample of the first task in the Academic Module.

In the General Training Module, the candidate is asked to compose a letter in response to some information. This is much easier as writing a letter is simpler than interpreting graphs. However, thorough practice is still needed for the candidate. Here is an example of a General Training writing task 1 question.

The second task of both Academic and General Training is an independent question. The candidate needs to write his or her viewpoints on the statement given. Here are two sample of the second task.

The secret in getting a good score in the IELTS is the practice one gets in the IELTS. Working with coaches and trainers are also helpful in getting the desires band score in writing. As early as today, practice writing diaries and journals as practice for the IELTS writing test.


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