Tuesday, April 8, 2014

IELTS App Review - IELTS Prepare Learning English

Are you not satisfied with your skills in the English language? Do you think that your skills can still be improved and be made better with constant practice and training?

Thousands of Filipinos nowadays are getting worried once they apply for education or employment overseas. They are not really challenged with the academic and work environments, respectively. However, they are more concerned in taking one English proficiency examination required by schools and companies overseas – the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination.

The IELTS is major requirement in their application. Through the test, an individual is assessed on how well he or she can comprehend the English language in its different skills – the speaking, listening, reading and writing. Each skill will challenge the individual’s expertise. The individual is scored on bands of 0 to 9. The score requirement is different from each school and company; hence, applicants should obtain the score to continue processing their applications.

Because of the English language skill test in IELTS, applicants have to practice their skills before taking the test. Some purchase IELTS reviewers or manuals. However, most people choose to be in IELTS review centers. These review centers cater to the different needs of their clients through varied English course programs. What’s more helpful for candidates is to download specific IELTS mobile applications to help them learn IELTS essentials while on the go. One of the best apps made available today is IELTS Prepare Learning English by Freeman

A totally free app with high quality video audio, this app will help candidates for the IELTS build their grammar and vocabulary power – two very important essentials for the IELTS examination. Furthermore, the app is packed with a lot of IELTS conversation perfect for perfecting one’s listening skills. With the usage of Australian English in the app, one can practise listening and get familiar with the language as well. There are also different tips on how to be more successful in getting the target soccer in writing. Most importantly, the app has grammar review to check on the individual’s grammar level – his or her strength and weaknesses evaluated.

Here are some snapshots of what’s the app has to offer:

Three different series the candidate can choose from. Each has specially designed questions to practice candidates and develop their skills in English.

Here are different sample topics candidates can practice on – different situations with different vocabulary building power. 

Listening to activities on this app has been made easier. Bookmark it, mark it as done, or change its setting for better video quality.

Unfortunately, this app is only available at Google Play. Check and download this app on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freeman.edu.learnielts. Make IELTS easier with IELTS review courses and helpful apps such as IELTS Prepare Learning English.



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