Friday, April 11, 2014

Rules to Abide During the IELTS Exam Day

What to do on the day of the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination day? Do you know what to do once you are in the test center? This will enlighten every candidate for the IELTS test.

Candidates for the IELTS examination day should remember to bring the necessary documents that are to be presented on the examination day. This will include your identification card which you used upon registration, your candidate number, and your pencils. In addition, your photo will be taken upon registration for documentation.

Here are other rules implemented that you should know on the day of your IELTS examination.
  • Bring writing instruments such as pens, pencils and erasers. Bring an extra so that you will not have to borrow from a fellow test taker. Talking to other test takers while the exam is ongoing is strictly prohibited.
  • If you have any concerns like instructions that are unclear of test questionnaires that are incomplete or unclear, raise your hand to get the supervisor’s attention. All questions that are not content-related in the exam should be addressed only to the supervisor.
  • In any case that you feel ill, tell the supervisor right away.
  • In any examination, cheating is really prohibited.
  • You are not allowed to disturb your fellow test takers.
  • Bringing of electronic devices such as electronic dictionaries, smartphones, or cellphone are not allowed. These are to be kept in your bag. Once you are caught using these, you will be disqualified. No refunds on your test fee will be given.
  • Eating is allowed as long as it will not disrupt your test or your fellow test taker's examination.
  • Reproducing of the test material is not allowed.
  • Using of digital watches is now prohibited. Some types of this watch have a voice recording and camera features that can be used in cheating on the exam. Hence, digital watches should not be worn. On the other hand, analog watches are allowed.
  • Leaving the examination room without permission is not allowed. If you wish to use the lavatory, ask the supervisor for permission. Once you are allowed, you will be escorted by a test administrator to the lavatory.
These rules are strictly implemented; hence, cooperation from the candidate is much appreciated, valued and expected. Follow the rules so that you will not be disqualified in the exam. Make sure to bring all the requirements and be at the center early to be comfortable and ready for the IELTS test.


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