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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Steps in Enrolling in an IELTS Review Center in the Philippines

Candidates for the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination are often suggested to enrol in an IELTS review center. A number of reasons have already been given why candidates should take these review courses offered in these centers. In addition, candidates have already been told the challenge they might experience in finding a good one as hundreds of IELTS review centers have started operating in the country. Here are a few items one should have on their checklists in finding the best IELTS review center in their area.
an IELTS review center in Cebu

1. IELTS review centers should be conveniently located. Students can either be working professionals who come from work or college students who are tired from their university work. IELTS review centers should be accessible and should offer a place that can relax them as they review for the exam. It should have spacious rooms for the classes, quiet and simply conducive for learning.

2. IELTs review centers must have effective course programs. Course programs should include a diagnostic test, classroom lectures, one-on-one coaching and mock tests as to evaluate the progress of the students in the program.

3. Though it is considered another expenditure, IELTS review center's fee should be reasonable. Most review centers have the same fees; hence, check the course programs.

4. The review center should have a good number of professional coaches. These coaches should be people who have experience in teaching for years and are certified experts on their field.

Now, if you have already found the best one for you, the next step is to enrol in this center.
  1. Go to your IELTS review center.
  2. Inquire regarding the course programs. Usually, they will be offering two kinds of program – unlimited that can run for months and an intensive training good for two weeks.
  3. After choosing, you will be asked to fill out an application form. Some forms also indicate your target real test date.
  4. You will be presented with your schedule and you will be asked on how soon you can start.
  5. After this, you will be asked to pay for their fee. Some review centers have instalment packages which is good for those who are in a tight budget.
  6. Materials will be given on the first day of your course or as soon as you finished enrolling.
Enrolling is a piece of cake, but looking for the best one is a huge challenge. Make sure to make the right decision in choosing where to study for the IELTS examination.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cambridge and the IELTS Test

University of Cambridge
For most non-native speakers, taking an English proficiency examination is a step closer in finding better jobs, the change to study, and live permanently overseas. It is an important certification that will get these people to their dream career and academic needs. Among the English proficiency exam available in the world today, the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination is the most popular. Its popularity is evident as countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and North America recognize the IELTS examination.

The IELTS is accepted by over 9,000 different organizations – companies and academic institutions – around the globe. It has always been a secure, valid and a reliable examination that assesses an individual’s ability to communicate in the English language. IELTS is often heard being paired together with Cambridge. How is Cambridge related to the IELTS?

In truth, IELTS is owned by three agencies: British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment. These three agencies are responsible for bringing a very reliable and effective English test.

The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organization responsible for giving educational opportunity and cultural relations. It aims to bring people together providing learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK to be able to have a strong bond between the United Kingdom and other countries in the world.

Being one of the world’s leading international organization, IDP: IELTS Australia offers IDP education aiming to offer the chance for students to have placement in Australia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada. Finally, Cambridge English Language Assessment is the world’s leading exam provider. Through Cambridge, IELTS has been being administered in countries around the globe. Cambridge is the primary reason why we have IELTS here in the Philippines. It gives the possibility of taking the examination conveniently as Filipinos need not to fly to other countries where IELTS is delivered.

Whether candidates register under IDP or British Council, the examination content is the same. There are no recorded differences between the two so candidates need not worry about it. What candidates need to focus on is their ability to get the target score of the institutions they are applying for. Getting it is a very important thing. Once they fail to get their target score, they have to retake the exam. Hence, reviewing for the IELTS exam is seriously necessary.

The IELTS is a test trusted by different institutions as it accurately rates the candidate’s English skills. Take time to prepare for the IELTS and aim high for the examination.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Useful Words and Phrases for the IELTS Writing Tests

Here's a useful powerpoint presentation that provides useful words and phrases that you can use for the writing tasks in the IELTS tests.

Monday, May 19, 2014

One-on-One Coaching for the IELTS Test

A lot of speculations have been made whether reviewing for the IELTS exam or the International English Language Testing System examination or it is just a waste of time. Some take reviews because they believe that studying with mentors and coaches give them the opportunity to interact and gain more knowledge. Others study alone as they feel comfortable learning by themselves. However, since many of these candidates for the IELTS need to hit their target scores, the best thing to do as part of their preparation is finding the right coach or mentor for the examination. This may cost some money but the advantages of this are much better than studying alone.

People who have tried studying with coaches recommend taking review classes with them. In IELTS review centers, candidates are given classroom lectures. In these discussions, the candidates are taught knowledge that is essential in understanding the concepts used in the IELTS. Moreover, the classroom lectures are designed to teach candidates different skills and strategies that are vital in coming up with good answers that are correct and appropriate. Other than these classroom lectures, one-on-one training is also offered in IELTS review centers. What are the advantages one can get from this type of training?

· Focused learning. One-on-one coaching gives the candidate an undivided attention that is common in a very big group class. Through this, the coach can focus well on the students. In addition, the coach will be able to point out particular weaknesses of the candidate without having to embarrass him or her in front of others.

· One-on-one coaching also provides the candidate the chance to ask questions. In a group setting, some students do not ask questions to clarify an idea or a thought they have in class. This is because they are afraid of what others might think when they do so. Hence, they sit there still confused in class. However, with focused training, the candidate will be able to express himself or herself and clarify topics that could have confused him or her. In other words, this coaching gives the candidate comfort in asking a lot of questions to make him or her understand the lesson well.

· Confidence in speaking is developed. One-on-one coaching teaches the candidate to be more confident in using the language most especially for the speaking examination. Coaches can throw comments and suggestions that can help improve not only their speaking skills but also their manner of delivery and belief that they can ace the speaking test.

The amount of preparation prior to the real IELTS examination affects a candidate's score. The more exposure he or she gets from mock tests, the better he or she will do in the examination. In the IELTS, one-on-one coaching works best and this is something soon-to-be candidates for the IELTS should consider.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Free IELTS Orientation Baguio Cebu Davao Makati Manila Philippines

Jrooz Review Center Inc. will be hosting a free IELTS openhouse/orientation on May 24, 2014 (Saturday; 9AM-4PM) across all branches in the Philippines (Baguio, Cebu, Davao, Makati, Manila).

The event will cover:

Know the Basics:

*What is IELTS?
*How does IELTS work?
*Why do I need IELTS?
*Why choose JRooz in taking my IELTS review?

All Attendees Get:
*Php 1000 Discount Coupons
*Free Diagnostic Exam
*Chance to win free IELTS review slots and discount for IELTS exam fee.

For more details, contact us through:

Baguio:  Unit 3, 3rd floor ECCO Building, Assumption Road corner General Luna Road, Baguio City
(074) 422-7745 | 09276252505

Manila: Unit 409 and 412 Dona Felisa Syjuco Building, 1872 Remedios Street corner Taft Avenue Ermita, Metro Manila
(02) 846-4532 | 09209519546

Makati: 1514 Cityland Herrera Towers Valero cor. Rufino St. Salcedo Village, Makati City
(02) 555-0013 | 09178954671

Cebu: Unit 1601 Metrobank Plaza F. OsmeƱa Blvd., Cebu City
(032) 266-2822 | 09178657669

Davao: Suite 2 Jaltan Bldg. C.M. Recto Corner Bonifacio Street, Davao City
(082) 282-4479 | 09178941546


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Where to Register for the IELTS Exam in Cebu?

Filipinos need IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination badly - badly as it has been made one of the major requirements for employment and academic applications. In addition, there are target scores that need to be met for the application to be lodged. Taking the IELTS may take a lot of time while preparing and money as well. Since the IELTS exam has posed a great importance, any person who is going to take the examination will need help not only in preparing for the examination but also in registering for the examination.

In the Philippines, many of the cities have already been receiving good numbers of enrolees for the IELTS exam review. One of these cities is Cebu City. Cebu is known to be one city which has a large number of working professionals who are taking up review classes for the IELTS. These professionals need the IELTS for overseas employment and even to pursue their graduate studies. People are already familiar with IELTS review centers to have their training, how about scheduling a real test? How can people register for the IELTS exam in Cebu?

The best thing about IELTS test registration is that it can be done online. Candidates can visit these pages for IDP registration or for British Council registration. Any candidate needs to fill out necessary information and details about them. In addition, be prepared to have scanned copies of your identification. This identification should be identical with the identification you are going to present on the exam day. On your registration, choose Cebu City as your test center and once you finish your registration, you will be sent an email about confirming your registration along with the schedule and the test center of your examination. Be sure to have this printed or taken note of. Prepare all the necessary documents upon registration for less hassle.

Online registration needs a use of credit card upon paying. If you do not have one, visit an IELTS review center. Most test centers have services that help candidates on their registration for the exam. While you are at it, why don’t you enrol in an IELTS course program that they are offering? IELTS review centers have proven and tested course programs that are helpful in giving success to any candidate’s IELTS test. Visit the nearest IELTS review center in your area in Cebu and find out how they can help you.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Professions that Require IELTS

Career growth is crucial to any working individual. Most especially the young professionals, they always look for possible growth in their fields of studies. Having said this, young professionals are eager to find better career opportunities outside the country. True indeed, working abroad pays better and stepping higher onto the career ladder is so much possible. Nonetheless, they have to remember that there are a certain number of requirements they should have in order to get that dream job. Getting an IELTS certification by taking the International English Language Testing System examination is one of these.

The IELTS test is a paper-based examination taken by individuals to provide proof of their expertise in using the English language. Different companies trust the IELTS as it is proven to be accurate and very reliable in gauging an individual’s skill. It has been said over and over again that working professionals need this certification. What professions actually need an IELTS requirement?

There are a number of professions that require an IELTS score. Here are the following together with their required IELTS overall band score.

1. Nursing professionals
IELTS score of 7.0 in all sections in the Academic Module

2. Butchers

IELTS overall band score of 5.0 in the General Training

3. Engineers

An overall band score of 6.0 in the Academic Module

4. Accountants

A score of 6.0 in the Academic Module

Here are some other professions that need IELTS certification:
  • Early Childhood (Pre-Primary) School teacher
  • Special Needs Teacher
  • Environmental Health Officer
  • Veterinarian
  • Physicist
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist
  • Dentist, Occupational Therapist
  • Software Engineer
  • etc.
There are still a lot more professions that need IELTS test. Candidates can check out the skilled work category of the countries they are wishing to apply for the required score and test type in the IELTS. Since it is very important to attain the score, candidates are suggested taking IELTS review training from IELTS review centers.

Review centers are very helpful in adjusting class schedules for these professionals as they consider their busy time at work. Having to study with these centers gives the candidate an opportunity to understand better the concept of the IELTS. Once he or she understands how the IELTS test goes, responses are better and more appropriate. Skills will be taught and techniques will be introduced in the course of the program.

IELTS review centers are needed to attain what these professionals need – a good IELTS score.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Top 10 Mistakes in the IELTS Writing Test

Writing has never been easy. For starters, developing ideas to a given argument can take minutes of brainstorming and eliminating ideas. Then, you still have to be very careful at your sentence structure, grammar, spelling and punctuation. Next, you have to consider if you are still on the right track on your writing as ideas should be organized and with a smooth flow. Finally, revising your work is a must as to check whether you need to eliminate or add more ideas to your response.

Indeed, writing is difficult most especially when you have to do an academic writing or a formal writing for an English proficiency examination like the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination.

Academic or General Training – one should effectively express his or her own thoughts in words through a very well constructed essay. Integrated tasks in the Academic and General training are different. In the Academic, candidates have to interpret a graph or a diagram while in the General Training; a letter should be made based on a given situation. Independent writing is the same for both. To be able to get a good score, one must realize the things to avoid having a bad essay. Here are ten mistakes people usually commit in the IELTS test.

1. Failure to show trends.

In the first task of the Academic writing, one must be able to show the rise and fall or the peaks in the graph. He or she should be able to indicate the different trends in the graph to have a detailed response in his or her essay.

2. Wrong choice of words

You might think that you have the right vocabulary in explaining an idea. However, not all words that are synonymous can be used in a sentence that would mean the same. Be careful with the vocabulary you choose in your sentence. They can either strengthen or weaken your essay.

3. Redundancy of Words

Limited vocabulary is the reason for this. Add more words into your vocabulary through reading different materials. Avoid repeating the same words for more than five times in your response.

4. Poor handwriting

Handwriting plays an important role in your essay. Write legibly for the rater to read clearly and not confuse him or her in your essay.

5. Lack of transition words

Transition words are guides within the essay. Not using any of this makes the flow poor and boring.

6. Answer to Question

Are you directly answering the task? Some candidates are so focused on writing that they sometimes go out of the topic. Always stay on track.

7. Not enough number of words

Since it is a paper-based test, it would be difficult to count the words you have written. Instead, always remember to follow the three important parts of the essay – introduction, body, and conclusion.

8. Spelling

Since there is no spell checker, check your spelling. If you are not sure on how the word is spelled, express it in a different way. Do not take the risk of writing the word if you are unsure of it.

9. Grammar Fail
Learn the verb tenses. Better essays use verb tenses that will clearly show when the action happens, happened or will happen.

10. Poor content

Have you successful answered the question? Sometimes, test takers write an essay without hitting the tasks. As a result, your score is low. Make sure you understand the task, made an outline, and start writing.

Simple mistakes but usually done – avoid the mistakes by practicing alone or by participating in IELTS review centers. These centers offer services that will help any candidate for the IELTS to better their writing skills perfect enough for the IELTS test.