Monday, July 21, 2014

Can You Reschedule an IELTS Test If You Have Already Registered for the Exam?

"I registered for the IELTS examination a couple of weeks ago, and I just found out that the day of my examination is also the day of my finals in my university. I cannot afford to be absent from my finals since I need to get a good score for the scholarship I am applying for in Australia. Is it possible for me to reschedule my examination?" Georgina, 18, Business-Management Student

Candidates for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination have always been reminded to register to the examination months before the desired date of the examination. Slots for the IELTS examination can easily be filled up – both in IDP and British Council – as the number of Filipino test takers has been growing every month. Early registration can be an advantage for the candidates as they can have enough time to practice their skills and attend review programs for the IELTS examination. In addition, registering months before the target test date is also beneficial once candidates have decided to reschedule their examinations.

Rescheduling the IELTS examination is possible. However, candidates have to be reminded that request for test day transfer should be done 5 weeks prior to the first choice of test date. This means that a candidate filing a reschedule of his or her exam in less than five weeks will be considered as a cancellation of the examination. Additionally, the candidate will not receive any refunds and he or she must reapply for another seating in the examination. An administration fee is charged in rescheduling.

A refund is given to those who have rescheduled their examination if they have given enough proof that they are not able to take that examination on that day. Here are some cases that are considered:
  • Death of a close family member: provided with a death certificate
  • Illness – hospital admission or to be on a medical treatment provided with a medical certificate
  • Victim of a crime or serious trauma
  • Military service for those people whose country requires men to undergo such training like Korea
  • Loss of visa or ID to be presented on the test day (government issued IDs)
  • Visa cancellation
Candidates have to complete and send the Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer Form and attach the necessary proof or documents. Visit the IELTS website – both IDP and British Council – to download forms and instructions for this application.


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