Friday, July 18, 2014

Essay in the IELTS Test

Brainstorming ideas for an essay is not a simple thing to do. During brainstorming, you have to think of a lot of ideas related to the topic given on an essay. Additionally, you have to group ideas according to their category and eliminate those which are irrelevant in developing your essay. Writing is tiresome and a boring activity; hence, writing essays for an English proficiency examination such as the International English Language Test System examination or the IELTS will need a lot of training.

The writing examination in the IELTS is different depending on which module the candidate is taking – the Academic or the General Training. Both have different tasks to be completed by the candidate and these tasks are not that easy.

Academic Task 1

In the first task of the academic writing, the candidate is given a graph to be described. Here is an example below:

  • Make sure to highlight the highest and lowest points in the graph.
  • Be sure to use appropriate vocabulary to show the rise and fall of the figures.
  • Make use of transition words to guide the reader that you are presenting another idea.
  • Make sure to write a clear introduction to present the case of the graph.
  • Use punctuations properly.

Academic Task 2

In the second task of the Academic writing, the candidate is given a statement wherein his or her opinion is needed. Here is an example below:

General Training Task 2

It is almost the same with the second task of the Academic. Topics in the General training, however, are much lighter and simpler.

  • In this task, make sure you stick to one idea – to agree or disagree.
  • State clearly in the introduction your stand.
  • Provide at least two body paragraphs explaining your reason. Support your ideas with examples and detailed reasoning.
  • Make a conclusion. This can be a paraphrase of your introduction.
  • Make sure your points are not too specific or too broad.
  • Writing will be easier through constant practice. Practice keeping a journal to improve your writing skills. Just write anything in your journal. The stereotype of writing being tiring and boring can be eliminated once you start doing a little of it day by day.


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