Friday, July 4, 2014

IELTS Test Results Remarking Procedure

There are a lot of reasons why Filipinos take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. First and foremost, Filipinos take it because of work. As a requirement for working visas, an IELTS score is required to assess their fluency in the English language. Secondly, students who are planning to pursue a degree overseas are required to take the IELTS. This will gauge their ability to survive in an English speaking environment – in and outside the academe. Finally, Filipinos need IELTS as a requirement for immigration. The beauty of living and retiring overseas is very promising, hence the increase of Filipino immigrants in many parts of the world. 

In taking the IELTS examination, certain target scores should be met. Each visa requirement has a specific target score from any of the two modules of the IELTS – Academic or General Training. Failure to get the target score means retaking the examination. However, there are some candidates who try their lucks having their scores remarked. IELTS test results remarking is possible.

First, the candidate needs to apply for a review of their results (also known as the Enquiry on Results) at the test center within six weeks of the test date. Filling an inquiry after six weeks will not be honoured any longer. A fee will be paid and will be refunded in any case that the band score changes. 

IELTS Enquiry on Results form

What happens in the remarking?

First, the test paper or the recording of your speaking examination will be brought to the head office of either the IDP or British Council.
Most of the time, the speaking and writing examinations are remarked. Written test scores in reading and listening are most of the time accurate.
Then, the test paper will be rechecked by a different examiner – someone trained by the British Council and IDP to conduct marking.
After he rechecking, the test center will then be notified if any changes in the scores have been made. If there are any, a new Test Results Form (TRF) will be issued. 
The result of the remarking can take about eight to ten weeks. If you are in a hurry to get your target score, it is more recommended to take another examination. Waiting for more than two months for your score is time consuming. Better review for the exam and take it to save time. For best results, give yourself enough time to prepare for the IELTS to successfully hit your target score in one sitting.


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