Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cost of IELTS Review and Test in Cebu

“I am from Cebu City and I am wondering if there are any review centers for the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination here in Cebu. I hope there are some for going to Manila would be very expensive.” –Ronaldo

The demand for IELTS training has been rising every year. This is because more and more countries are accepting Filipinos in their countries – both for work and school. Unlike before where it was easier to go overseas and work, companies and academic institutions have been keener in screening their candidates through the IELTS examination. Because of this, IELTS review centers have also been growing in the Philippines.

According to statistics, Cebu is one of the cities receiving a lot of students for the IELTS. A growing number of professionals and students have been on their first step in completing requirements for their applications overseas. The question is: how much is the IELTS review in Cebu City?

In truth, there are a number of IELTS review centers in Cebu existing today. The differences amongst these centers are their course programs, class schedules and their costs. Normally, IELTS review centers have two kinds of programs – a regular program and an intensive program. Most of the time, the regular program costs about PhP5000 and the intensive program, which usually runs for two weeks, is priced at PhP 3,000. Regular programs can be an unlimited review promo wherein candidates have a very flexible time and they can attend classes as many times as they want. Conversely, the intensive program caters candidates who are in need of a fast-paced lecture and activity in class.

In these IELTS review centers, candidates are exposed to different activities that will enhance their skill for the IELTS test. Moreover, part of their program is the familiarity with the different English accents that are used in the examination: American, Australian and British. Filipinos are more accustomed to the American English accent; hence, having accent class is a big advantage for IELTS test candidates.

Not only can candidates review in these IELTS centers but also ask for help for their exam registration. They will help you fill out your forms for British Council or IDP registration. Most of the time, the test in Cebu is done in Parklane International Hotel for those who registered via the IDP and SME in Mabolo for British Council test registrants. Candidates will be informed of their test center and other test details upon complete registration for the test.

Here are the maps of the IELTS testing centers in Cebu:

For those who are registered under IDP (Parklane International Hotel):

For British Council registrants (SME Mabolo Campus):

 Cebu residents can take advantage of different IELTS test centers in the city. With this wide variety of choices, choose what program fits you best and be ready for the real IELTS examination.


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