Monday, September 15, 2014

Agree or Disagree - Smart Ways to Express Your Opinion and Boost Reasoning Skills for the IELTS

Are you good at reasoning? Can you defend your opinion very well? These are some skills that candidates for the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System that face this dilemma. Taking an English fluency test such as the IELTS involves speaking and writing test that will evaluate how well one can express their points of view. However, if one does not do it well, there is a huge possibility of getting a low score. This is the very reason why a lot of candidates study and prepare for the IELTS speaking and writing tests.
One question type that is common in the IELTS examination is an agree or disagree question. Agree or disagree questions ask the candidate to choose whether to make an agreement or disagreement on a given statement.

Here is an example question: 
"Do you agree or disagree? Technology has also brought disadvantages to mankind."

Given this question, how will you be able to express your ideas well? Here are some ways on how to respond well to this type of question.

1. Understand the statement. Think about it. There are times that you want to agree with it; however, you reasons are not strong enough to support your opinion. The key here is to make a response or choose the one which you can explain and elaborate.

2. Always create a clear point in your reasons. State why you agree or disagree. However, be careful not to be too specific for you might have problems detailing your response.

For example:

I certainly agree with this statement as more and more children nowadays have become lazy due to certain technologies.

In this response, you are making a general statement that student are lazy without explaining on which aspect. The same thing with the mention of technology – there was no mentioning of what technology.

3. Elaborate your response by explaining in particular what you mean. Make sure that you choose the right words in doing it.

For example:

Compared before, a lot of children nowadays play online games. Before, children played a lot of games that involved physical movement such as running. However today, most children are glued to their smart phones or tablets playing games instead of playing a physically-active game. This situation has contributed to the increase of obesity cases as children lack physical activities.

4. Provide more detail by providing examples. It does not have to something you have already experienced or witnesses. It could be something made up but connected to the idea of your point.

For example:

For instance, my five-year old cousin does not like doing any household chores or go outside and play ball with his friends. He is most of the time seen in his room playing with his iPad. As a result, he has put on weight. He also gets tired easily giving him more reasons to stay home and just play with the iPad. Due to the convenience of this technology, children fail to see the importance of physical interaction and social communication amongst other children.

5. Always use transition words to guide your reader or your listener in your response. A smooth transition in your ideas makes it easier to be understood.

The important thing in an agree or disagree question is providing a clear and good examples to defend your opinion. By using examples, your reasoning is better and much smarter.


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