Friday, September 26, 2014

Best Grammar Practice Tests for the IELTS

Having a strong foundation in grammar makes one good at using and understanding the English language. Thus, in taking English proficiency examinations, candidates for the exam take time to review their grammar skills. If you are taking the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination, building and improving grammar skills are secrets to a good IELTS score.

Are you already good at English grammar? Then answer the following sections that are helpful for you in your IELTS examination.

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Subject and Verb agreement

Underline the correct verb.

1. Either my mother or my sisters (is/are) going to make the decision for the house renovations.

2. Some of the students (seem/seems) to be reluctant in giving their response.

3. The storm that destroys all the crops (is/are) expected to happen in mid-summer.

4. The president seems to forget that there (is/are) matters to be discussed urgently.

5. Mary, together with my cousins, (plan/plans) to visit Korea in September.

6. A high percentage of the population (is/are) composed of women and children.

7. Everyone (needs/need) someone to grow old with.

8. A pair of jeans (was/were) left at the crime scene.

9. My jeans (was/were) torn while I was riding my bicycle.

10. Statistics (is/are) a difficult subject that I kept failing when I was in high school.

Verb Tenses
Write the correct verb tense form to complete each sentence.
note: be - be verbs or verbs that show action or a state of being. (am, was, is, are)
1. Mary’s eyes are red and puffy. She (cry) __________________.

2. When I (arrive) __________________ home, my mother (wait) __________________ for me at the kitchen table.

3. I (wake) __________________ up, (brush) __________________ my teeth, and (drive) __________________ to work.

4. She (eat/always) __________________ in my room. She is very annoying.

5. The card (be) __________________ printed in Holland in 1895.

6. He (be) __________________ a writer. He (write) __________________ romantic novels. He (write) __________________ ten best seller books.

7. The car broke down. By the time we (get) __________________ to the airport, Jenny (wait) __________________ for two hours.

8. By the next fall, my sister (finish) __________________ her course in fashion.

9. The earth (revolve) __________________ around the sun.

10. The bus (leave) __________________ in ten minutes.

Conjunctions and Prepositions

Encircle the correct conjunction or preposition on the blank provided.

1. The country club is located (in/on/at) 43rd Manchester Street, Ohio.

2. I was feeling hungry (but/or/so) I took some eggs in the fridge and made an omelette.

3. I saw a man standing (by/under/above) the door.

4. The airplane is flying (in/off/above) the dark clouds.

5. My mother (or/and/for) my father is going to buy me a new phone on my birthday.

6. The candidate was really pretty, (or/and/but) her answer totally ruined her chance to get the title.

7. The horses are galloping (under/in/into) the barn.

8. The children happily jumped (onto/on/into) the pool.

9. She got a failing mark on her test (so/for/but) she did not study for it.

10. Please take (on/off/in) your shoes when you enter the chapel.

Practice with these grammar tests and be ready for the IELTS examination.


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