Friday, September 12, 2014

How long do I need to Review for the IELTS?

Studying habits are very important for students. Having a good timetable of topics to be studied and the amount of time to given on these subjects should be given priority before taking an examination. Students spend hours at night reviewing - memorizing every fact and detail they need to know for the examination. Some students study a couple of weeks before while others choose to cram a day before the exam.

For people who are taking an English proficiency examination, getting ready for the examination is a must. This is true most especially to individuals who are scheduled to take the International English Language Testing System or the IELTS examination.

Since it has been a primary requirement in visa applications in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and even in the United States of America, more and more Filipinos who are seeking better opportunities abroad have been looking for quality reviews that will prepare them for the examination. All candidates for the IELTS test should realize that the test is not a simple English comprehension test, but it is a test that will gauge how well a person can also use the language.

The IELTS test is made up of four sections: reading, listening, speaking and writing. As a candidate for the test, one must know all the skills that are involved in the examination. Hence, most are inclined to buying review manuals to prepare for the test. Though self-studying is effective in reviewing, it does not totally guarantee a high score for the candidate. This is the very reason why many choose to study in IELTS review centers.

Reviewing for the IELTS should be at least three months prior to the scheduled examination. The good thing about reviewing in an IELTS review center is their carefully planned schedule that will take the students step-by-step in getting familiar with the test. Also, with this plan, they develop the skills and understand how to respond to each of the section of the test. Moreover, students are given the opportunity to undergo mock exams. These mock exams are important as they expose the students to what the real test is like.

The three months given to a student reviewing is perfect for him or her to develop the necessary skills and learn different techniques for the exam. It will only take about two weeks for a student to adjust on the class environment and the other weeks are for exercises, class discussions and more mock exams.

Time is very important in the IELTS test. The more time given in reviewing, the more learning one gets for the IELTS. 

•  Maximum of 20 students/class
•  Unlimited Review
•  Live Lectures
•  One on One Coaching
•  Tailor Fit Review Programs
•  Comprehensive Review Materials
•  Free Hand outs
•  Facilities Conducive to Learning
•  Authorized Registration Agent of IDP and British Council.
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