Friday, September 19, 2014

IELTS Dress Code - Dressing Preferred for IELTS Speaking

Dress to impress – this is what most people do when they are scheduled for interviews. Impressing your interviewer is not only limited to the responses you will be making but also with your physical appearance. For candidates taking the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System test, the speaking test is to be prepared for. Coming to the interview looking nicely is important; however, there are some details to be remembered. Here are some guidelines on what to wear during the test.

Women would be very nice if they wear a fresh pair of pants and a blouse. Dresses can be worn in the interview as long as it does not have a plunging neckline or it is backless. Some nice khaki paired with blouses is also good to look at. Flat shoes or high-heeled stilettos are great as long as the candidate is comfortable with them.

Other things candidates need to remember on the day of their speaking test:

  • Prepare your identification. Bring the ID you have used upon registration for the examination. It would be better if candidates have the ID photocopied for the test center might ask for one. Please read this post for the IELTS test registration requirements.
  • Bring two recent photographs. These will be used for your records.
  • Have enough writing materials for the test. Prepare extra sharpened pencils, black pens and erasers.
  • Come to the test center a couple of hours before your scheduled examination. There are some reminders given in the test center. In addition, candidates need to fill out some documents before the test commences. Coming to the test center early also helps the candidates relax for the examination.
  • Do not bring any electronic device once you are called in the room for the interview. Candidates who are bringing bags will be asked to deposit their belongings in a specific area.
  • Remember that these clothes are only guidelines. Do not spend too much time in finding suitable attire on your test day. The way you dress can have an impression on the interviewer but it will not definitely affect your score. The main point here is coming to the interview well-dressed and properly groomed.


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