Monday, September 1, 2014

There is No Effective IELTS Review Book for Someone Who's Not Willing to Practice Everyday

Imagine that you took a test and you got a very depressing score. Would you blame yourself for not preparing well for the exam or would you blame your review materials for not being very helpful? 
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People take failures on examinations very differently. Some would blame themselves because they lacked the right amount of preparation. Some would even doubt that they have the right notes for the examination. Some would even blame the test for being too difficult. However, the real reason for failing for an examination is the time given for reviewing and preparing for it. Hence, for people taking the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination, candidates dedicate a lot of their time to prepare for the examination. One thing that they do for this preparation is seeking IELTS review books.

If you check online, there are a lot of books recommended for the IELTS test. Some have even written reviews on how these books are of great help for the examination. As a candidate, you are persuaded to buy this material. You go to the bookstore or order it online. Once you have it, you browse through it and answer exercises. You seem prepared for the test; however, upon taking the test, achieving the target score has not been successful. What could have gone wrong?

As a candidate for the IELTS test, you have to remember that PRACTICING EVERYDAY is the basic yet the most important ingredient in getting a good score in the exam. Book reviews will always promote how helpful and easy it is to get your score when using their books. But, the thing here is the commitment someone gives in reviewing. Let’s say you have the book but you just open it a few times in a week. Is that helpful? NO.
Preparing for the exam needs constant practice. As you practice every day, you will discover a lot of things that will help you understand the flow of the examination. You will learn from your mistakes through practices and even discover what your strengths and weaknesses are in the examination. Practicing daily is a process where you realize what you need to work more for the examination. No matter how good your book is, even though you have purchased the best IELTS book made, there is no positive result when you just let it sit there on your desk. Manage your time daily by giving at least two to three hours studying.

Books do not assure your success in the test. They do not make miracles. They are guides in helping you achieve your score. It is still you, the candidate, who needs to put the effort and discipline in preparing for the IELTS. Remember that no IELTS book is effective unless one practices with them every day.


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