Wednesday, October 8, 2014

IELTS Reading Tips for Non-Readers

The fact that not all people are into reading brings problems to those people who need take a reading comprehension exam. Reading is something not most people would consider enjoyable or worthy of their time. For some, reading is pleasurable as it takes them to worlds unknown to mankind – that is reading fiction books. Others consider reading as their connection with reality as they are kept informed with the latest news and current trends around the world.

In the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination, reading is a crucial part in the candidate’s examination. In the Academic module, there are long and complicated texts from books and journals. Anyone who has taken the Academic reading module says that it is really difficult and challenging. Having this said, how can one appreciate reading, especially for non-readers?

- Letting this people know the benefits of reading. Reading is a good source of information and most of all new words. Through reading, people improve their vocabulary essential for the reading test.

- Choose books that interest you. Find reading materials that will entertain you. You need to have your focus fixed on the reading and not wander.

- Find reading materials that have light topics. Do not go into heavy reading materials such as long novels and epic poems.

- Every day, read a single chapter of a book. It will help you gain motivation on reading. Eventually, you will improve by reading two to three chapters in the process.

- Read news online. There are a lot of websites that have updated news that are not lengthy and wordy.

- Find interesting blogs and websites on the internet.
- Read comic books if you are into visual reading.

- Browse the newspaper. If you are not interested reading the editorial or the headlines, go read on lifestyle or sports.

- Find a topic that you think is interesting. If you are a medical professional, use your web browser and key in topics you are interested and read blogs or news articles about it.

- Motivate yourself in reading. Always think of the positive effects and advantages most especially that points reading can help you in your IELTS test.

Reading does not always have to be on books. Generally, you have to know what your interests are and find materials relating to it. It can be any reading material that you enjoy. It is an activity that is entertaining and educational.


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