Saturday, October 11, 2014

Top 10 Mistakes in the IELTS Listening and How to Avoid Them

Who wants to get a perfect score in an examination? Well, everybody wishes to perfect an examination. People feel good about themselves when they get perfect scores – makes them feel smart among others. However, there are times that we commit mistakes in the examination. Mistakes are normal but can be avoided. That is why it is important for every student to review for the exam and be able to answer all the questions correctly. What if you are taking the International English Language Testing System examination, are mistakes unavoidable?

As like what other candidates for the IELTS test say, “There’s no room for mistakes in taking the IELTS.” Well, this is a good motivation for candidates. It will push them to study harder and learn more skills for the exam. However, what will make them avoid them is to know the common mistakes in the listening section. Here are common mistakes one gets in the listening plus solutions on how to avoid them.

Incorrect spelling. There are no considerations done with incorrect spelling. To avoid this problem, listen closely to the audio. Pay attention if it’s a singular or plural noun.

Leaving a question unanswered. Unsure of your answer? Do not just leave it blank. Take a guess of the closest option you have in mind. It is better to answer it with your best guess. Who knows, this could be right.

Number of words on the blank. Do not write over three words. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid this mistake.

Impulsive answers. Some candidates immediately write their answers as soon as they hear a clue within the listening passage. As much as possible, let the passage finished first before finalizing your answers.

Ignoring keywords. Before the listening passage is heard, candidates are given some time to browse on the questions. Look for key words that will serve as hints for the answer.

Failure to answer map directions. Reading maps can be very difficult. To avoid mistakes, listen to it carefully. Take note on the turns mentioned, right or left, and even street names to get the questions right.

Not understanding the question. Candidates have to comprehend what the task is all about. Read it carefully and understand what it needs from you.

Choosing an option because the keyword is there. Do not be complacent with this type of options. It is usually a trick option; hence, it is important to listen on the exact details in the listening.

Overlooking the 30 seconds to revise answers. Some do not revise their work for misspelled words making their answers wrong. Given this time, review your answers. Change if necessary.

Losing focus on the audio passage. While you listen, you multitask. However, do not lose focus on the passage. To avoid losing focus, use the time given to browse the questions and concentrate on the listening passage when it is time to listen.

Mistakes can be avoided if you know what these mistakes are. Practice more on listening and learn how to answer the listening section correctly.


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