Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Who Should Take the IELTS Exam?

"I am currently in an IELTS review program. We are about 20 in the class, and we come from different professions. This got me into thinking. Who can take the IELTS? Is there a particular profession requirement?"

International English Language Testing System – an English proficiency examination that has been gaining a lot of test takers yearly here in the Philippines. The IELTS examination is administered every month in the Philippines and each month is fully booked. Indeed, there are a lot of Filipinos who are taking the IELTS examination. With this number, some people are wondering who can take the IELTS examination. Can anyone take the IELTS? 
The answer is YES. The people taking the IELTS come from different groups of people. The best way to understand who takes the IELTS is by categorizing them to why they are taking the test – for work, study, and immigration.

Working professionals are the first on the list. There are a lot of job opportunities overseas. Most of these jobs are skilled workers. Luckily for Filipinos, most of our professions are under the skilled worker visa category. Some professions that need the IELTS to be able to work in other countries are nurses, engineers, and even butchers.

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Another group of people who take the IELTS are students. These students have applied for a degree program that they want to pursue overseas. Different institutions have different score requirements. Without getting this score requirement, the candidate has to take the examination again to be able to lodge their applications.

Finally, there are other people who take the IELTS for they are planning to live in other countries permanently. Being an immigrant needs you have to be able to speak and understand English well. Taking the IELTS will be a measure of how well you can adapt to an environment where English is the first language spoken.

With the importance outlined, candidates for the IELTS test have to get their target scores badly. To be able to be successful in hitting these scores, candidates enrol in IELTS review centers to attend classroom discussions that will improve their understanding of the language. Moreover, by attending in these review classes, candidates are given the opportunity to take mock examinations. These mock exams are helpful in gauging the candidate’s progress in the program he or she is enrolled.

Anybody can take the IELTS test; they all just differ with the purpose in taking the test. For more information about the IELTS, check their website or consult with your nearest IELTS review centers.


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