Friday, November 14, 2014

How Many Months Does the IELTS Review Take?

Studying is a tedious yet important part of being a student. A lot of students complain of studying for long hours just to review for a final examination. College students would spend about two weeks to prepare for a midterm examination, and even would go for a month to be ready for the finals. Since getting a high score in exams is the aim of these students, they do not mind studying in the library for hours and staying up late at night to review their notes. Is this style of studying applicable in reviewing for the International English Language Testing System examination or the IELTS?

Test takers for the IELTS test prepare for months before taking the examination. It is not a simple English comprehension test with a multiple choice or true or false type of question. Different types of questions are involved in the different tasks in the examination. Moreover, since there are four sections in the examination: reading, listening, speaking and writing, skills are needed to successfully respond to the different questions.

When taking the IELTS, it is recommended for candidates to be in IELTS review centers. Most IELTS review centers have two different kinds of programs: the unlimited review and the intensive review. In the unlimited review program, students can review in the center for a year. They are given the opportunity to study with their teachers until they are ready for the IELTS examination. Though this is an unlimited review program, most candidates take about two to three months before taking the real test. Within this time, candidates are introduced about the IELTS, the sections and the tasks in each section. Skills will be developed within the given time and mock tests are administered to evaluate their progress.

The intensive program is a two-week program that focuses more on mock tests and coaching for the real test. The candidates will be given intensive activities to hone their skills for the IELTS. Most candidates who enroll for this program are those who have already taken the test and want to take a refresher course for the IELTS.

Candidates should bear in mind that reviewing for the IELTS should be taken seriously. The coaches are there to guide and help build the necessary skills; hence, it is important for these candidates to attend classes every day and participate in every classroom discussion.

It may take a few months to be prepared for the test, but it is much better than to take the test with a little knowledge on how to make responses to the tasks. Learning about the IELTS is not possible in one night. Time and effort should be put into it as well.


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