Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to Get a High Score in the IELTS Speaking Test

Speaking in English is common to many Filipinos. It has been a part of our daily conversation. This has been influenced since English has been used in schools and offices. Moreover, Filipinos are fond of watching English movies and following American TV series. Thus, it is not surprising why most Filipinos can speak the English language. Because of this, a lot of foreign nationals expect Filipinos to be great in communicating in English. 

In applying for work, study or immigrant visa in English speaking countries, an English proficiency examination is a requirement. Filipinos have to take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. The test has four sections and the speaking test is where most Filipinos feel anxious. Taking the IELTS speaking test feels more pressure because of the standard score set by the companies and academic institutions overseas. It is important to any candidate to hit the target score to be able to lodge their applications. How can one get a high score in the IELTS speaking test?

· Understand the different tasks of the test

There are three different tasks in the test. As a candidate, it is much better to know what each task asks you to do and the way on how to make appropriate responses.

· Be familiar with the questions

The first task of the speaking test is an introduction. The examiner will be asking some familiar questions on familiar topics like work, study, hobbies, family and personal background. There are a lot of these questions online that are for free.

· Improve your pronunciation

People have the tendency to speak very fast when they are nervous. Speaking fast causes words to come out not very clearly. When this happens, the examiner will not be able to understand your response. When they fail to understand the response, you will eventually lose some points.

· Use new vocabulary

Choose words that will best express your ideas. Using new vocabulary will not only showcase the strength of your vocabulary bank but also avoids redundancy on the words you are using.

· Grammar check

A good response has correct grammar and well-constructed sentences. Be consistent with the verb tenses.

· Practice

Find someone who can help you practice speaking. Someone who can evaluate your responses and give comments that can develop not only your speaking skills but also your confidence in using the English language. IELTS review centers have speaking coaches that are professional in addressing problems in speaking.

Getting a high score in the IELTS speaking is possible with the right practice and guidance from IELTS speaking coaches.


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