Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How to Handle IELTS Examiners Who are Intimidating?

Coming to a job interview can bring cold feet to anyone. Everyone feels scared and very anxious when sitting in front of their future employers and is being evaluated with every question they ask. Some are very good in handling themselves in these stressful situations while others are not, and as a result, they fail to get the job. This exact scenario also happens to people who are scheduled for the IELTS speaking examination. 

The IELTS speaking test is a face-to-face interview with a native English speaker or a trained non-native English speaker. The test will last for only about fifteen minutes but, according to some candidates, the fifteen minute interview seems to be an hour because of the anxiety they feel during the interview. To make matters worse, some examinees have very intimidating IELTS examiners. With this type of examiner, candidates are distracted on how they can impress their examiner. How exactly can one handle intimidating IELTS examiners?

· Before going in the interview, think of the reason why you are taking the IELTS. You need an inspiration to help you do well in the speaking test. Tell yourself that you need to do well because your future relies on this examination. Have a positive mind set before stepping inside the room.

· During the interview, look at the examiner straight in his or her eye. This will show them that you are confident with your answers. This is a display that you do not fear whatever intimidation they are planning to show on you. Act tough and always smile in giving your answers.

· Maintain the tone of your voice. When your voice sounds on high or very low, the examiner knows that you are nervous; thus, you will start feeling anxious. Always speak in your normal tone. Clear your throat before speaking if you think this helps.

· Speak clearly when you are being interviewed. Do not give the examiner the chance to comment on how confusing your response is with his or her facial expressions.

· Give them full detailed answers. Make them feel that you are interested with what they are asking.

· Do not look on the notes the examiner is writing. Once you look at them, you will get distracted.

· Always come to a speaking test prepared. When you know that you have the right amount of preparation, no one can intimidate you.

Feeling anxious or getting intimated is a normal feeling in an interview. You have to handle yourself by believing that you are prepared and your responses can impress the interviewer.


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