Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How to Organize Your Thoughts in Writing an Essay

Thinking of ideas on what to write could possibly the first problem people have when they are asked to write an essay. Though a topic is already given, getting the right angle for the essay can be tricky. There are a lot of people who consider writing essays as difficult. However, writing, in truth, is pretty easy when the person knows how to organize his or her thoughts for the essay. How can one write a good essay?

Writing an outline

Outlines are like framework of the essay. It is with the outline that the writer will be able to organize his ideas. Ideas can be organized according to its time order or its importance. Brainstorming for ideas comes in to this stage. One can generate a lot of ideas at first. Then, these ideas have to be grouped. Examine the ideas to which group can have a strong support to the main argument of the essay. Eliminate weak ideas and those which do not directly address the argument. Once you are done with brainstorming and the outline, it is now time to write the essay.

An introduction welcomes the reader to the essay. It is where the writer gets the interest of the reader to continue reading the essay. A perfectly written introduction can awaken the curious mind of the reader. Writers should always remember to write the main argument in this part. As the reader sees and understands the main idea, expectations are set for the essay.


The body of the essay contains the supporting ideas and details to the main argument. Writers should indicate clearly the reason they have. Reasons should be made general in order to further explain the idea in the succeeding sentences. Further, topic sentences should be clear and concise.

There should be at least two body paragraphs. One paragraph should contain one idea. This idea is further elaborated by giving examples. The discussion should be from the general idea down to specific details.


A good essay has a closure – a summary of all the ideas discussed. Conclusions should not discuss further the idea. Conclusions can either leave a question to the reader or provide a solution to the argument. It can be optional to essays, but it is advised to any writer to include a conclusion to any of their writings.

A lot may have problems on writing essay, but the best thing to do is to practice. Start by writing simple journals and write longer essays on specific topics in the long run. Writing is fun. Let it be an outlet of what you are feeling inside.


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  4. How To Structure And Organize Your Essays
    • Create an outline of the points to include in your essay. Use your thesis statement to determine the trajectory of your outline
    • Avoid letting your sources drive your organization
    • Write topic sentences for each paragraph
    • Use transitional words and sentences
    • Design an effective conclusion
    •