Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Is it Hard to pass the IELTS UKVI Exam?

With the recent announcement that the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration only accepts IELTS UKVI, non-native English speakers who are applying for a visa in the UK should be kept informed about these changes. The International English Language Testing System (IELS) have long been the trusted English proficiency examination by the UK. The IELTS UKVI should be presented by applicants as their requirement. What is the UKVI? 
source: British Council
The IELTS UKVI is basically the same with the IELTS test. The exam’s content and band scores are the same. The difference people will see is that the Test Result Form in IELTS UKVI has a CEFR level which cannot be found in the IELTS test. Also, the test can only be taken in test centers acknowledged by the UKVI. Other test centers will not be honored. Finally, it is a little expensive compared to the IELTS test.

A lot of people are wondering whether the UKVI is difficult to pass. The answer is no, given that the candidate has given a lot of time for him or her to practice for the IELTS UKVI. What can candidates do to pass the IELTS UKVI examination? Here are some ways on how one can excel the IELTS UKVI.

· Enjoy reading. Most candidates can get a low score in the reading examination. This is because reading passages can be pretty lengthy and complicated. However, it is a great need for people to pass the reading test. For starters, IELTS UKVI test takers can start browsing any English reading material. In this way, they can practice how to read articles and understand them in the long run.

· Learn different strategies for the examination. In the reading test, one must develop a skill in skimming and scanning. With this, the IELTS UKVI test taker will not have a hard time understanding the main idea in the reading. He or she will not have to read everything saving him or her time in the test.

· Listening skills should be developed. This skill is best applicable in listening and speaking test. Candidates should understand spoken English as they need to communicate with other people once they go to the UK.

· Improve vocabulary. Expressing oneself in speaking and writing is done best with the appropriate words in responses. Always build a good vocabulary bank to show variety of words in responses. These responses make speaking more interesting and essays more elaborate. Avoid repeating the same word more than twice in your responses. Poor vocabulary means poor English skills.

· Find someone you can talk with English comfortably. It is important to build confidence in speaking English. There are other people who are good at English but too shy to speak in front of a native speaker. Having a speaking partner will motivate the IELTS UKVI candidate to better communication skills and boost his or her confidence in speaking English.

· Review on IELTS UKVI review centers. IELTS UKVI review centers provide their students with practice and lessons to develop their English skills. Also, coaches give out comments and feedback on how one can better their strengths and work harder on their weaknesses.

Passing the IETS UKVI is a piece of cake. IELTS UKVI candidates should put a great deal of effort in studying and reviewing their English skills to be IELTS UKVI ready.


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