Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How Much Does an IELTS UKVI Exam Cost?

A great deal of people is searching for different opportunities overseas. For Filipinos, working and studying overseas should not be missed as an opportunity. One country that has been gaining a lot of popularity amongst Filipinos is the United Kingdom.

In the recent years, the number of Filipinos leaving the country for work and study has risen. Most of these working professionals are in the healthcare industry as the UK has rising demand for nurses in their country. Further, many students want to experience studying in a prestigious academic institution in the UK; hence, they leave for scholarship programs in these universities. Though it seems like going to the UK is easy, there are a number of requirements that need to be completed and submitted, and one of these is the IELTS UKVI. 


The United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has announced that it will only accept the International English Language Testing System test results in UKVI authorized test centers (IELTS UKVI). This is to provide another rating under the CEFR level. With this announcement, Filipinos start looking for information about the IELTS UKVI. 

The IELTS UKVI has the same exam content with the IELTStest. The obvious difference between the two is that the IELTS UKVI can only be taken in UKVI accredited test centers. Currently, there are only two cities in the Philippines that host the exam – Manila and Cebu. Another difference is that the candidates have to pay PhP 14, 835 as their fee for the test – a lot more expensive with the IELTS test. The test fee is the same for both British Council and IDP. 

The IELTS UKVI still has the two modules of the test – the Academic and the General Training modules. For the Academic test, this is the test needed by individuals who are planning to undergo graduate or postgraduate studies in the UK. This is also needed for individuals who are planning to seek professional registration in the country. The General Training, on the other hand, is for applicants who will study under a below degree level. Just like the IELT test, test candidates for the IELTS UKVI should consider some preparations for the test. Below is a list of some things to get ready for the IELTS UKVI test. 

•    Make sure you take the test with good vocabulary. Filipinos are accustomed to using American English vocabulary. There are some American English words that have British English counterparts. Knowing these words will help you better understand articles and passages.
•    Listen well in the exam. Note taking skills are best to be developed for the IELTS UKVI. A success in the listening test relies on how well the candidate has taken down notes and how well he or she managed to comprehend the passage.
•    Improve grammar and sentence construction. Well-thought of responses in speaking and writing gets candidates a good score. This is possible when responses are grammatically correct and are used in well-constructed sentences.
•    Take every opportunity to speak English. Getting used to speaking the language builds fluency and confidence needed for the speaking test. Always try to use the English language in simple conversations daily.
•    Review in IELTS UKVI test centers. With programs on lectures and practices, one gets a lot of training and exposure needed for the test.

The IELTS UKVI test is not only a requirement to be completed but also a good way to assess your English skills. Take the IELTS UKVI with the right amount of practice and review.


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