Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How to Get a High Score in IELTS Exam?

Every candidate in the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System test aims to get an overall band score of 7.0 or even better. This is because most companies and institutions overseas require this score before a specific person can be awarded with a visa or given an opportunity for work. Since everyone does not want to miss both opportunities, there is great pressure in taking the IELTS test.
There are some candidates who believe that the IELTS test is just a comprehension test on how well they can understand English. In reality, there is more to that. The IELTS test evaluates how well one can understand and use the English language in both oral and written aspects. Knowing this, it is important for any candidate to be prepared before taking the examination. How can one get a high score in the IELTS test?

Getting a good score takes a lot of effort and hard work. To help candidates reach their target score and do better in the test, here are some helpful and easy tips.

· Be comfortable in using the English language. Being comfortable means finding opportunities in your day-to-day activities to speak English. Filipinos are actually good speakers, yet they lack the confidence in using it. Use English in talking with colleagues or when buying coffee. It is a good practice for your speaking and comprehension skills.

· Practice reading. In the real test, candidates are faced with very lengthy reading passages. It could be tiresome. Through reading practices, the candidates can practice how to scan passages to save reading time.

· Listen to English materials such as songs, movies, or podcasts. This will help you get familiar with how English words are pronounced particularly in the British or Australian accent. This is important so as to improve the candidates’ note taking skills as well.

· Review your grammar. Candidates usually commit mistakes in subject-verb agreement, verb tenses and even punctuation. These mistakes may seem little, but they can even cause deductions from the score. Reviewing grammar is an advantage for both speaking and writing tests.

· Find a speaking a partner. Candidates gain more confidence in speaking when they have someone to practice with. This person can be someone who is good at speaking English. Allow the person to give out comments and suggestions with your performance.

· Improve your vocabulary. This is very important in understanding listening and reading passages. It is also useful in speaking and writing as you have to choose the right words in making a response.

· Make your own review schedule in your most productive time. Do not push yourself to review for the IELTS if feeling tired or sleepy. This will compromise your learning. Find the right time in a day where you feel relaxed and ready to review.

· Take practice tests. There are a lot of free exercises online where candidates can access easily. These practice exams expose the candidates to possible question types in the real test.

· Have a checklist on what to review on a particular day. Any candidate should understand that putting a lot of information to their brains is not advisable. Cover two to three topics and let the brain rest.

· Take review classes in review centers. With coaches and trainers to help, candidates are sure to be on the right track when it comes to preparing for the IELTS test.

Getting a high score in the IELTS is very possible. What candidates should always remember is to be confident with their English skills. The confidence comes from a well-planned schedule of review for the IELTS test.


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