Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How to Handle Time in IELTS Reading Test?

Long reading passages are tiresome and boring. Most candidates of the IELTS test find it difficult to focus on the reading test as they are prejudiced that this sub-test requires a lot of effort and work to get a high score. Indeed, the reading test can be pretty challenging as you have to finish reading passages in a very limited time.

Time is the major problem when it comes to the reading test. Since candidates are given long passages, managing time to be used during the exam seems to be troublesome. Though the time is limited, there are some ways on how to handle the reading time in the IELTS test. 

· Make sure that you understand the question. Some candidates read the question without totally comprehending the task. They cannot find the right answer in the passage. The tendency is to read the passage again which is exactly a waste of time. Read the question carefully and be sure to know what information you are looking for in the passage.

· Know the specific type of question in the reading. With this knowledge, you will be able to find the answers quickly in the passage. Anticipating the question types while you are still reading the passage can be done as well.

· Skim through the passage. Skimming is getting the main idea or the general overview of the passage. You do not have to read every single word in the passage. What you need to do is comprehend the gist of the passage. This is a skill that should be practiced well prior to taking the examination.

· Do not do quick reading as this could just make you confused. The test is time pressured, but it is more important to know what you are reading.

· Scan through the passage as well. Scanning is finding specific information in the passage such as name, dates, and places without actually reading the whole passage. This is perfect for detail type of questions. Keep in mind what the things you have found as well.

· Do not worry if some vocabulary words are difficult to understand. Some words might not be part of the questions. The important thing is to understand the passage together with its details.

· Having trouble choosing among the options? Move on to the next question. Contemplating on a particular question for quite some time consumes your time.

· Take a guess. If a certain question is too difficult, eliminate some options and take a wild guess. It is better to have more questions answered than spending a lot of time thinking of the right answer to a question.

· Have the correct spelling. This will give you more time to review your answers.

· Practice. Like the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” Reviewing reading skills is a crucial part for the test. Find people to help you with your reading time management. IELTS review centers offer different review programs to help improve a candidate’s reading skill.

Reading can be boring, yet with practice, one can definitely get a good score in the IELTS reading test. Dedication in reviewing is a must, so as much as possible, start reading now. You might find this IELTS reading strategy useful too.


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