Wednesday, January 20, 2016

IELTS UK Speaking Test & Answers

Taking the speaking test for the IELTS was the most challenging part of my preparation for my UK visa. A couple of months ago, I was scheduled to take the IELTS UKVI speaking examination. Before my examination, I took review classes in an IELTS review center. It was pretty difficult for me as I was balancing time for my review and work. In a week, I could only attend three sessions as I was pretty swamped with work. There was a huge pressure for me to hit my target score in the IELTS examination. First, I already found an employer overseas and the only requirement left to be completed was the IELTS. The other thing was the exam cost quite a lot and I did not want to retake the examination. With this in mind, I put my best foot forward in reviewing for the examination. Lucky for me, I got the best IELTS instructors in town.

Anyway, I know how it feels to be taking the IELTS examination. Butterflies in my tummy? I should say there were dragons inside. The level of anxiety that day was overwhelming. Yet, I passed the examination. You know why? Because I got the chance to review on IELTS speaking questions that are commonly used in the examination. Since I got my score requirement – and actually did better on it- here are some of the questions that were asked during my IELTS speaking for the UK examination. Some of these are questions from my other friends who took the exam. I also have a few responses given just to give you an idea how to answer these questions. Hope you will learn something from it.

Jrooz Review Center Inc.

What is your full name?

I am Patricia Reyes. You can call me Patty.

Do you work or study?

I am currently working as a nurse in a pedia ward in a government hospital in my city. I have been working for 4 years now, and I should say that I enjoy my job.

Which is more important to you? The people you work with or the job itself?

To be honest both of these are essential for me to work comfortably and efficiently. Like I said before, I enjoy my work because I love my profession. A part of this is the people that I work with since they are very supportive and professional with their jobs.

What kinds of books do you like reading?

I always have a passion in reading fantasy adventure stories. When I read this kind of books I start to imagine being one of the characters. It is interesting for me to think of what I would do if I were put in a situation the same as the character’s. For example, I have read the book Percy Jackson, and I was really absorbed with it that it only took me three days to finish the entire series.

Task 2

Describe a photo that you have in your house.

Who is in the photo?

Where and when was this taken?

Why is it important to you?

I can remember one particular photo I have in my study desk in my room at home. This photo was taken at a beach during my 20th birthday. In the photo, you will find my whole family having a good time at the beach.

In this photo, my family and I are sitting on the sand by the beach. It was a sunny day so we all had our sunglasses with us. The day was perfect for a swim. The sky was clear and the water sparkled as the sun’s rays hit the ocean. Everybody in the picture had smiles on their faces. We were really happy that day.

It is very important to me as it was my 20th birthday. I normally do not celebrate my birthday, but it was different that day. I really asked my parents, everyone in the house to go to the beach and have a swim. Also, it was this time that my family were all together as my sister was having a break from her work in Singapore. It is really precious to me, so I placed it right on my study desk for me to see it all the time.

Task 3

Do you think art is important?

I think art is important. For many years now, art has been a form of expression for many people. People who are depressed use art to draw what they feel inside. Some even compose the best love songs when they are heartbroken.

Art is also important as it teacher people how to be creative. Being creative is subjective. What is creative for you seems different from me. However, no matter what your definition of creative is, it helps people to explore their creativity through different forms of art.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking pictures using a mobile phone?

In this digital age, a lot of people use their phones to take pictures. For its advantage, I believe that it is very convenient for people to take pictures. For example, you see a very beautiful scenery while on the bus. You can easily take your phone out and take a snapshot of this. With the disadvantage, I can think of the quality of the photos. Some mobile phones have low quality cameras so beautiful scenery are not emphasized with the pictures.

These are only sample answers, and I bet you could even do better than these. Happy studying for the IELTS speaking!


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