Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard about IELTS Review

I am pretty sure that all IELTS candidates have heard of reviewing for the IELTS, and many of these IELTS examinees are living witness that review centers are really a good help in preparing for the examination. A friend of mine once asked me for advice as he was preparing for the IELTS examination. We had this friend who gave him the worst advice about reviewing for the IELTS – to review alone or simply do self-reviewing
Personally, I have nothing against reviewing by your own. It might work for some, and I am sure the chances of getting a good score in the IELTS without reviewing is really super low. I told my friend that to review alone is his choice, yet reviewing for the IELTS should be done with people who know the IELTS very well – these are IELTS coaches in IELTS review centers.
Why review in an IELTS review center?
My friend was also skeptical in reviewing with an IELTS review center. However, he changed his perceptions after I explained every good thing IELTS review centers have compared with studying all by himself. Here are good reasons why the best thing one can do in getting ready for the test is to take review classes.
1. Flexible schedules
Your schedule can still be flexible when you study alone, so what is the difference? There is a big difference, actually. In IELTS review centers, they have schedules from Mondays to Sundays and conduct classes in three different shifts. Topics to be covered are separated: classroom lecture and practice. If you study alone, will you be able to cover lecture and practice? Practice is possible, but what about lecture? How will you learn skills without anyone teaching you?
2. Quality materials/modules
You can buy any review material from the bookstore. Yet, IELTS review centers have updated database of materials that are updated annually. Also, they make sure that the modules they are giving are relevant and fresh to ensure students the quality of their training
3. Seasoned IELTS coaches
When you do not understand a question, an instructor is ready to help you. These instructors have years of experience in teaching IELTS. Also, they are good at giving advice and comments to make students work harder in the review.
4. Conducive learning environment
Studying is much more fun with other people. Specifically in the speaking and writing lectures, teachers have fun games to make learning more interactive and interesting. The exchange of ideas with other students bring an atmosphere of learning where you can never experience studying all by yourself.
5. Weekly test
IELTS review centers weekly conduct mock exams to keep track of the progress of their students. It is also through these exams that coaches can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the students and suggest learning techniques to them. The mock exam is also a good point to have a simulation of what the real test is like.
If there is the worst advice about studying for the IELTS, it is to let yourself do the review alone. Why review alone where you can learn more with the help of coaches? Choose a review center and be more skilled in English for the IELTS test with the best IELTS review packages in centers near you.


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