Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Make Every Word Count in IELTS Writing

What makes a good essay? It is the words that are carefully chosen to express ideas and an organized arrangement of the ideas. In any writing, the choice of vocabulary affects the content of the essay. In the IELTS writing, the words that you use is critical for your band score. This is why a lot of test candidates find good IELTS training to build their word power for the test.

IELTS writing rates your vocabulary skill with the following band scores:

  • Band 6: an “adequate range of vocabulary”
  • Band 7: a “sufficient range of vocabulary”
  • Bands 8 to 9: a “wide range of vocabulary”
To have a good essay, one must learn vocabulary that are usually or commonly used in the IELTS writing. Here are some words with their definitions to add to your vocabulary bank.


Aside from the vocabulary you use in your writing, it is also suggested to use cohesive devices in your writing. Cohesive devises or transition words guide your reading in your writing. It organizes the thought of your essay ensuring the content is not compromised. Here is a table of common cohesive devices used in writing:

Having good command in vocabulary is essentially important in the IELTS writing. Here are a few ways to improve your vocabulary:

  • Read a lot. Engage yourself into reading different English reading materials. Start off with resources that interest you. When you do a lot of reading, you get to meet new words. These words add up to your vocabulary bank. Make sure to look it up in the dictionary and have its definition written for you not to forget. 

  • Learn new words in the dictionary. It may sound weird, but there are actually some people who learn words through constantly reading a dictionary. Also, you can learn how words are properly pronounced and when to use it. 

  • Practice writing with an IELTS instructor. Undergoing IELTS training is not difficult. With IELTS training, it is easier for test candidates to write essays whatever topic is given to them. The secret is with the frequency and amount of writing exercises where they learn from their mistakes. 


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