Saturday, May 28, 2016

Choosing Which Appropriate Words to Use

Having a hard time looking for the right words to express your ideas and opinions? Is your vocabulary good enough to survive an English proficiency examination?

One of the problems for IELTS test candidates is expressing their ideas in both speaking and written responses. The most effective way is to use appropriate vocabulary to effectively convey their ideas. However, some candidates have troubles finding the exact words to use when they respond to these tasks. Most of the time, they end up using very basic word expressions and repeat these words again and again in the response. Though this response is still evaluated, examiners expect IELTS candidates to make use of different vocabulary words.

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In IELTS review center in Philippines, instructors always emphasize the need to expand one’s vocabulary. When you have a good command in the English vocabulary, it will be easier to understand reading and listening passages. Thus, we can say that learning god vocabulary lies a strong foundation in one’s English skills. IELTS center in the country provide different activities to promote vocabulary learning. Here are some ways on how to expand your vocabulary to excel in the IELTS test. 

  • Find good English reading materials
    Reading is one activity that improves your vocabulary. However, it is not an activity that is mostly enjoyed by a lot of people. To enjoy reading, you have to choose a material that interests you. For example, you are interested in fashion and lifestyle. You can indulge in lifestyle magazines. It is win-win situation as you get to learn new words and get entertained. Others can choose reading articles from newspapers. Editorials are usually good resource of vocabulary as they do not use a lot of jargons. 

  • Do crossword puzzles
    Crosswords are interesting as topics are very varied. You will be able to learn synonyms and antonyms of words and even phases that are commonly used in conversations. Like reading magazines, you get to learn words and enjoy answering crossword puzzles. 

  • Watch American TV shows and news reports
    American TV series is a great way to learn new vocabulary as most of these are commonly used in daily conversations. News reports can be a bit heavy on the jargons, yet there are words and phrases that are interesting to know. 

  • Read dictionaries and thesaurus
    This may seem very exhausting and a little extreme, but reading dictionaries and thesaurus is a real good practice in expanding one’s vocabulary. You can start of by writing ten words that you discover in the dictionary. Write them down on a notebook and create at least a couple of sentences. Thesaurus shows synonyms and antonyms. This is great to avoid repeating the same vocabulary in responses. 

In an IELTS review center in the Philippines, IELTS instructors give daily exercises to introduce their students to different vocabulary words – both of British and American vocabulary. A good IELTS center allows their student to learn more than the IELTS. IELTS centers is a venue of learning for the IELTS and improving one’s usage and confidence in the English language. 


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