Tuesday, May 3, 2016

IELTS Speaking Test: Handling Nervousness

Some candidates of the IELTS see themselves on a hot seat during the speaking test. When you get nervous, you all get sweaty and your voice starts to sound weak. Your performance in the exam can be greatly affected with these when you let your being nervous overwhelm you. Stress and pressure in getting your target score are the common reasons why you get nervous for the examination. However, letting these two consume you will not result to a good performance in the examination. How should one handle nervousness in the IELTS speaking test?

 • Be prepared for the exam.
To be ready for the IELTS speaking examination means knowing what the different types of tests are and the common questions asked during the examination. In an IELTS center, speaking coaches make it possible that there is a speaking mock examination every week for the students to get familiar with the flow of the examination. The knowledge you have with the different tasks and topics will not shock you nor intimidate you once you are seated for the interview.
Have a review plan.
No soldier goes in a battle with a strategy. Give yourself a time to review before the IELTS examination. Two to three months can already be an ideal time to prepare seriously for the exam. In this amount of time, browse on different IELTS interview videos on the internet. Learn from the interviewees on how to answer and even deliver responses well. The feeling of anxiety arises when you yourself know that you are not ready for the interview yet.
Practice speaking with a partner.
There are times that we need someone to correct us and even pinpoint our mistakes. This is possible with a speaking partner. Let this person be someone who is good at English. Constructive criticism plays a good part in developing your skills. Further, having a speaking partner also encourages you to be more confident in speaking the language eliminating any reservations.
Make the interview as conversational as possible.
Set your mind that you are just speaking with a friend. When you are so focused on the idea that you are being graded, you become conscious with everything – the way you speak, the content of your response, and even the manner you sit in front of the interviewer. You have got to relax. The interviewer is your friend who will be guiding you all throughout the interview. He or she will never stop you when you say something wrong.
When you are asked a question, give yourself some time to think, but do not pause for too long. Allow the question to sink in and start coming up with a good response. Breathe in between your responses. When you get nervous, you tend to breathe faster. Breathe and keep calm.
Get help from an IELTS center
An IELTS center has a detailed plan in bringing quality training for their students. Also, they provide practice exams for the student to be confident during the review and in the real test.
Being nervous is common and normal, yet it should be avoided for the test. Getting overwhelmed with this feeling can cause damage to your performance, so always come prepared and ready for the IELTS examination.


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