Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What Is Your Most Frustrating Writing Mistake?

Writing is the most challenging part of the IELTS test. As a matter of fact, a lot of Filipinos have to retake the examination because they failed to hit their target band score for the writing. It is not surprising that IELTS test candidates look stressed and dreadful during the writing test.

There are a lot of things to consider why our writing responses are frustrating. A review center for IELTS is a good option since IELTS review in writing is a part of their course program. Here are some reasons and ways on how to correct them to avoid future mistakes. You surely can save money when you follow read this.

ielts review center
Consistency of the verb tenses
Verb tenses matter a lot particularly in the Task 1 of the Academic writing. It should be consistent with the data and everything else in the essay.
Consider the sentences below:
The bar chart below gives information about the Australia’s ageing population in 1985 and its predictions for 2020. In 1985, the elderly is increasing steadily. For 2020, there was a decline.
The words in bold shows inconsistency of the verb tenses used. Since the time given was 1985, the simple past tense has to be used. Further, the simple future tense should be used with 2020 since it will still happen, thus called a prediction.
Insufficient support to a point
In the writing task 2, we have to provide reasons for our points and give details for it. However, sometimes, there are people who cannot expound their answers. As a result, they get a low band score for the writing.
Here is an example:
First, TV is influential amongst children. This is because they watch TV every day. They like it, so they can easily get attracted to what they are watching.
Here, the ideas are very general. They are not leading to a specific detail. To fix this, the candidate could write a particular TV program where children are influenced. Influenced in a sense that they ask their parents to buy them toys related to the TV program they are watching.
Failure to answer the task
There are some questions in the writing tasks that you need to respond to. If you overlook a particular question, you will definitely have a poor band score.
Look at the question below:
Some families have their mothers who work for the family while the fathers stay home. Do you think this is a good idea? What is the effect of this in our society?
The question asks two tasks from the IELTS. The first one is to give the candidate’s idea whether this is a good one or not. The other is if this setup has an effect in the society. These two have to be answered on separate paragraphs to get a good writing band score.
These are the three most common failures that IELTS test candidates do in the writing task. A good review for the IELTS will provide a lot of writing practice for their students to hone their skills during the IELTS review. Remember to understand the task, outline your answer, and check for grammar errors when done writing.


  1. You can not write well without making mistakes, but you can learn a lot from other common essay mistakes of other writers